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    Season 4 Nadia: Will she make it?

    I just wanted to know what you guys think about the whole Nadia thing. I'm not too sure she's going to pull out of this one....
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    Season 4 The Proposal

    One of the best S/V moments ever!! Vaughn was going to take Syd to Santa Barbra!! It was the best.....
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    Season 4 AOL Promo

    The whole thingy between Vaughn and Syd was soooo cute! It was so funny when Jack told them that he could hear them! Not to mention, Syd finds out that Irina is alive. The look on her face was priceless! But why did the caption say that is was the Season finale next week? They must be...
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    Rumor Jennifer Garner is Pregnant....

    According to a news article on Alias-Media, Jennifer Garner is 3 months pregnant with Ben Affleck's child. If it's true, then this could explain why they got engaged..... Remember--This is just a rumor. But a very convincing one.
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    Season 4 Giant Orange Ball

    When I saw that Giant Orange Ball, all I could think about was Vaughn being trapped behind that door. Is this the same device from Season 2? It looked like it. Or am I just going mad?
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    Season 4 The "Other Sloane"

    How long has this devious little man been in operation? How many other plans and missions has he foiled? Was he trying to frame the real Arvin Sloane? Why? Obviously he's up to something. This is definately a problem. :unsure:
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    Season 4 Vaughn and the Blonde

    I just want to know what everybody thinks. I added the choice about Vaughn being drugged, because it is a possiblity. It's happened before.
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    Midwest Fans!

    Hey! :poke: I'm from Northwest Indiana, and I was just wondering if there were any fans from Indiana or other states in the Midwest. I'm just curious. It'd be nice to know that I'm not the only fan out here in the middle of nowhere. Cheers! :drunk:
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