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    Season 5 CountDown to Final Season

    3 hours 19 minutes 'til ALIAS!!!!! (MST)
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    Season 5 We'll find each other

    Discuss: Why do you think they had that little non-sequitur scene about Tom having had a wife? So the writers can throw in yet another spy-couple with which to foil the S-V relationship So, at this point, Vaughn: dead or alive? How do you want it? I think Vaughn's alive but i'd like it is he...
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    Season 5 CountDown to "Bob"

    23 hours and 29 minutes for me
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    Season 5 what was the "...1..."?

    maybe it's like the song, "1... is the lonliest number," all of Syndey's friends are leaving her. Only Dixon, Marshall, and her father remain.
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    Season 4 Anna and Elena...

    It might just be me but I didn't think the huge circuluar burn on the nape of her neck looked like a rambaldi symbol.
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    Season 4 Probably I am crazy but...

    Nah - Alias is too much of a Shakespearen tragedy to end w/ a wedding but most likely someone (either Jack or Vaughn) will die protecting Syd halfway through the episode and things will wrap up, ending with a scene where Syd goes to the grave either asking for forgiveness or stating some new...
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    Season 4 Undo Sydney?

    If we define "betrayal" is in the eyes of the Betrayer rather than in the eyes of the betrayed, as you are suggesting, in that Vaughn wasn't trying to hurt Syd, then most certainly Jack has never betrayed Syd, and one might even venture Irina never betrayed her family, and Sloane never betrayed...
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    Season 4 Undo Sydney?

    Guys hate to brake your "he aint never betrayed her" bubble, but he did, big time season 2 episode 17 "A Dark Turn". Vaughn betrayed both the CIA and Syd's trust by researching Irina's past and lying about it also. That's not the only time in Season 2 he lies to Syd, the first 12ish episodes...
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    Season 4 Why did Jack punch Sloane?

    I think that Jack punched Sloane because he is "trying to have more fun" LOL!
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    Season 4 What might Vaughn's name be then?

    Vaughn Lauret or something like that Lauret to call back to Lauren AND Laura (the whole lying thing) and Vaughn because Syd instinctively "knew" his name wasn't Micheal
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    Season 4 Worst Cliffhanger Yet?

    I voted for season 4. When I was watching the episode with my sister and everything was coming to a nice close at about 7 minutes left, the whole leaving Salovok (sp) and taking Sloane to see Nadia, I turned to her and said WTF! JJ can't end the season this way! And the whole elopment thing...
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    Season 4 If vaughn isn't vaughn... who is he?

    About his name : I think it would be really ironic if his name was Micheal Lauret - because both Laura and Lauren lied to their sposes and it would show that a guy could do it to, and would aline Syd with Jack - or on the other hand it would be funny if his first name was very similar to "Vaugh"...
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    Season 4 Nadia's Real Father

    I think the very fact that Sloane shot Nadia in the chest would indicate something - would Jack ever do something like that?!?!? NO! If Jack was in that situation he'd knock Syd out or tie her up with duck tape (like he did this season in Nocturne) - And when Syd was talking with Sloane in jail...
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    Season 4 Rate: "Before the Flood"

    Overall it was a great show - Jack had some awesome lines, like how he was trying to have more fun, there were some great call backs to Almost Twenty Years, and some nice spy family drama, and of course the ending.
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    Season 4 It's unsettling, isn't it?

    Yeah! Katya's during-the-marriage date for Jack's finding out that “Laura” was a KGB spy: continuity error or factoid? You make the call. - error Should Weiss have noticed that Sophia was hinky? Why or why not? He should have, but he is more trusting than let's say - Jack. Were you surprised...
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    Season 4 Marshall's on his way

    Why do you think Marshall would channel Jack rather than Sloane or someone else to boost his confidence in the field? "cause jack is almost always cool, calm, and collected - if I needed to shoot someone or lie through my theet to someone who'd kill me I pretend to be Jack. Marshall has always...
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    Season 4 Marshall the Super Spy

    LOL me too
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    Season 4 Marshall the Super Spy

    I enjoyed the Jack-Marshall interactions, and how Marshall used jack's name to gain confindance
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    Season 4 Rate: Tuesday

    Yeah Carrie came, and marshall has to lie to her, but my favorite part was Jack instructing Marshall in who to correctly remove an eyeball, sounds like he had some experince with eyes LOL gald it wasn't another finger!
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    Jack-Nadia Interactions

    The look on Jack's face when Nadia came to save him was interesting, he was glad that he was saved, but a little sad that it wasn't Syd. He was very intuitive when he walked back to the car so Naida and Syd could talk. I'm pretty sure that the pact between Sloane and Jack talked about the...
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