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  1. s.k

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    This is my latest obsession... it was a long time since I got so hooked by a band. I'm not a huge metal fan and I'm definitely not a j-pop fan. But this is pure brilliance and just plain fun to watch / listen to. :) /SK
  2. s.k

    Fantasy The Magicians (SyFy, 2015-)

    I've been thinking of giving this one a chance. Recently heard about it and thought it might be something for me. Now I'm more convinced. /SK
  3. s.k

    Fantasy The Librarians (2014-2018, TNT)

    I read that they would start looking for another home. Not sure how big of a chance it is that will work out though... I stand by my words earlier in this thread. Never really became a big fan even if I actually ended up watching it all. /SK
  4. s.k

    Sci-Fi Defiance (SyFy)

    Not sure how they would have been able to continue with that ending anyway... It was a good show though I really enjoyed it. /SK
  5. s.k

    Horror Dominion (SyFy)

    That's too bad. I would have watched another season. /SK
  6. s.k

    Fantasy Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

    I'm usually not that much against remakes. Why not, can always be fun to see another take at it. But having said that I can't really see a remake of this movie. Big Trouble in Little China is among my absolute favorites too. I think it's a very special movie, it got a certain feeling that I...
  7. s.k

    Fantasy The Librarians (2014-2018, TNT)

    I guess I'll watch a second season. But I never really got into this show. Kinda like the premises though. Think it's a casting thing. It didn't quite work for me. Warehouse 13 was a much better show imho. Agree about the vibe though. If you liked Warehouse 13 you should give The Librarians a...
  8. s.k

    Superheroes Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

    Guess I'll will try to watch this one too. But does it not start to become a bit to many superhero series at the same time soon? I'm afraid it won't be audience enough for all and some of will never get the chance they deserve. (Probably the one I like the most will disappear first... ;)) /SK
  9. s.k

    Drama Longmire (AMC / Netflix)

    Great news! :) /SK
  10. s.k

    Drama Longmire (AMC / Netflix)

    Hope they will sorted it out. Would love another season or two. I read somewhere that the producers was still optimistic and that they thought it would be another season. But who knows in this business... /SK
  11. s.k

    Motoring Audi TT vs. Vauxhall - Who's the bigger idiot?

    lol Not sure who is the biggest idiot... but I do think that both are idiots. /SK
  12. s.k

    Horror Dominion (SyFy)

    I watched Dominion. Glad to hear it has been renewed. Think it's a solid show. Not an all-time favourite perhaps but still well worth watching. /SK
  13. s.k

    Sci-Fi Stargate (reboot!)

    I would watch anything new with Stargate. It's a great concept. Think a new series of some kind would be best though. But I'll take another movie any day. /SK
  14. s.k

    Comedy Ghostbusters (1984)

    I only have an old VHS recording of Ghostbusters. Guess this would be a good time to get a real copy. Remember not being a big fan of Ghosbusters when it was released. It was such a massive promotional machine that kicked in and that just put me off. Here in Sweden we hadn't really seen such...
  15. s.k

    The dreaded first post...

    Yeah, it was cool. Fun doing something that was actually used for once. :) Thanks for the welcomes. /SK
  16. s.k

    Drama Longmire (AMC / Netflix)

    I watched this one to see Katee Sackhoff. :) Haven't seen season 3 yet though. But I'll get starting on it soon. Too bad it got cancelled. It's a good show. /SK
  17. s.k

    Horror The Strain

    I really like their takes on vampires. They are extremely nasty and ugly. No sexual undertones here. :) Some characters has been annoyingly stupid though. The, I am extremely sick, but refuse to admit it, thing got old quite fast. Overall it's good though. The rat catcher is my favourite...
  18. s.k

    Reality TV Mythbusters

    Oh, that sucks. Haven't kept up with Mythbuster lately and hadn't heard this. I agree that the 'B Team' often was more funnier to watch. /SK
  19. s.k

    The dreaded first post...

    Hi everyone! So, I thought that I would do that annoying first post and get it over with. :) I have visited this forum every now and then but for some reason never joined. Nice to see some familiar names here from other forums. Kevin, you might remember me from v3Arcade. :) Looking forward to...
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