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  1. ams4alias

    Politics You Can't Ban VEGEMITE!

    So It has come to my attention that I as an Australian can not take Vegemite with me to America because it's got folate in it!! :angry: What are these people on!! :blink: I can't believe this! Seriously Vegemite it the world's riches source of Vitamin B!! it's Healthy :up: and it's being...
  2. ams4alias

    The Ashes!

    Welcome all to this Summer's Ashes series between Australia and England!!! It's going to be one of the greatest Ashes Series yet!! Please give your thoughts on who you think will win the series and the games!! Australia :winner: or will it be England :winner:
  3. ams4alias

    Politics Revenge attacks in Sydney race war

    This is getting completely out of hand and totally UN-AUSTRALIAN!!! It all started last weekend, when a lifesaver was allegedly bashed by two men of Middle Eastern origin. A mass email and SMS campaign was set up which called for "Aussies" to retake the beach by joining "Leb and wog bashing...
  4. ams4alias

    Your Dumbest Moments

    Have you ever said anything incredibly Stupid and not realized it until everyone starts to laugh at you? I know I have! There is even this guy at school that has reserved a page in his diary for me called "Stupid comments made by Lexy" It's only week three and there are already 19 slashes...
  5. ams4alias

    Hi Everyone, glad to be here

    Hi everyone, I'm the new girl I thought I'd just pop in to see how everyone is anyway I just thought I'd let you know that I'm one of the biggest alias fans on the planet. I'm just sitting here Down Under waiting for season 4 to start so i decided to join in on all the fun and join up. See Ya...
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