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    Politics Unitarians

    is there anyone who is unitarian
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    Gabrielle vs carlos

    what do you guys think of this on going fight these two seem to have. I have afeeling that something terrible is going to happen now that she has decided to cheat on him again.
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    what would you guys think about a spin off for er. i personnaly think that its not possible. i dont thnk that this is the type of show that could be a spin off
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    life in a box

    if you were ever to live in a box on the corner of the street what would it look like mine whould be... 1) a two story box like say 2 refrigerator box or something really big. 2) it would have to be a red box so no one walking on the street would miss it and kick it while i'm in it. 3)who says a...
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    alias declassified

    did any of you guys notice that they didn't put weiss in the character info in the book. am i the only one that thought that it was just a little be strange.
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    all CSI'S

    i personally prefer csi and newyork. i first thought that new york would be the same thing like repeated crimes and stuff but it really is a little bit more dramatic that miami and they have some really high tech stuff.
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    the sword of truth

    have u gyus read them . i am so obssed with books about harry potter.i'm using references from the books to write my alias fanfic.
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    alias hall of fame

    i thought it would be cool if we had a alias hall of fame to remember certain things or moments that happened on alias. like... 1)phase 1 kiss 2)marshall's inflatable furniture 3)good francie got any other ideas
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    i can't believe he cheated on her she seemed so happy that she finally got a life other than her job.anyone else agree with me that he should go to hell or something.
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    keanu reeves

    who here agree with me that he is very hot.i'm a huge matrix fan can't wait for the next one.
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    i'm a big fan of the original.i love catherine,sara and absolute fav would have to be sara
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    Season 2 jack

    do u guys think that he knows about vaughn and syd being togerther
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    sue thomas f.b.eye

    did anyone see this show.
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    i love carter and abby.i was just curious what everyone else thought :)
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    alias theme

    i finally got my brother to find me an alias theme for my desktop.if anyone is intersted you can get it from
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    Season 2 shock

    omg this ep is so good who else is in shock
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    syd and vaughn

    omg finally it took way too long i'm am so happy :D :D :reallyexcited:
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    does anyone watch fastlane
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    just wanted to know what everyone thought :cool:
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    games up front

    i say diablo2 lod but its up to u (i beat normal nightmare and hell) p.s. i'm shakilas brother
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