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    Whats going on around here?

    Is it just me or has a lot of things been going on here at AA. People are getting and fights and leaving and hating each other. Doesn't seem like a fun place to be anymore. Any one else notice this?
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    Quick note

    Since I just noticed that the "add this message to your sent items" box is already check without the members consent, to all the people that don't want to admins to read your pms, when you send a PM make sure that they add this message to your sent items isn't checked. Being an admin myself I...
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    Uploading image

    I am having trouble uploading some images. they are 95x90 and 25.5 kb
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    I'm leaving

    i will be leaving AA for a while cause i started Addicted to Alias ( ) and i got to keep track of it and all that and i wont have enought time for AA. AA insipred me to make A2A. i will be back a couple times but i wont talk much...
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    Casting Spoilers - title edited

    here it is : Catch up with Your Fave MIA Characters; Plus, Greg Grunberg's Ready for His Close-Up by Kristin | October 03, 2003 (The artist formerly known as Wanda) Casper might be a friendly ghost, but let's be clear--there's no ghost I'd rather be "friendly" with than James Marsters. The...
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    TV Gal story all about Alias

    here it is : Where Did the Time Go on 'Alias'? By Kate O'Hare Some TV series are like Hummers -- solid and foursquare. NBC's "Law & Order" comes to mind. One feels the entire cast could be sucked into space, and somehow the show would pop back next season without skipping a beat. At the...
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    Story About Season 3 On Zap2it

    there was a story about season three on heres the story: Where Did the Time Go on 'Alias'? By Kate O'Hare Some TV series are like Hummers -- solid and foursquare. NBC's "Law & Order" comes to mind. One feels the entire cast could be sucked into space, and somehow the show would...
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    Alias and JG in "TV Gal" story

    jg and alias are mentioned in a "TV Gal" story on here's the story: Give everyone alcohol, have a big cheesy dance number, and maybe throw in a streaker for good measure. Let's be honest -- we're going to have to do something drastic to make the Emmy Awards interesting again. I live...
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    Alias is Feature show...

    Alias is the feature show on check it out here:
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    alias music singers and titles

    ive seen a couple of threads asking about alias music and what its called and who sings it. well if you go to the alias part of there is a part in inside info called music guide that says every song thats been in alias so far, which episode its from, who sings it, and what its called...
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    The Emmys...a conspiracy!

    The emmy's sucked this year. sorpranos is a stupid show and it doesnt deserve to win. alias does. this is a thread ofr people to rave and yell about the emmy's
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    Funniest sketch show?

    i think snl is the funniest
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    JG is among other actors who are selling their..

    Emmy Fashions to Be Auctioned for Charity LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jennifer Aniston and Edie Falco won't just look good at Sunday's Emmy Awards. They'll be doing good, too. Gowns worn by the actresses and other TV stars at the ceremony or other awards shows will be auctioned for charity. This...
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    JG in lead on Lead actress emmy poll..

    JG is in the lead on netscape tv poll for lead actress but not by much. make her lead greater by voting here:
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    Wanted: Children

    me and erika (alias8000) are looking to adop some kids and we wanted to know hwo wnated to be adopted
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    Any journalism people out there?

    i am doing a story for my school newspaper about the new textbooks that we got this year and i cant think of a good, catchy lead-in. got any ideas?
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    RANDOM 90!

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    Season 2 What did sloane get?

    I just watched countdown and what was the peice of paper that the monk dude gave sloane. man its all im going to be able to think about all week.
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    Whats Your Birthday?

    What is your birthday. my birthday is january 4th
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    Alias DVD promo

    i was watching tv and and Alias dvd promo just showed. i think thats the first time ive ever seen a dvd promo for a tv show on tv. plus it the promo was good. now all i have to do is see the show promo
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