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  1. MeGaMan08

    Request Singles Ladder Logo and Avy Request

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):GB Logo and Avy Sizes Text:The AkaDeMiKz Avy Text:MLG Colors:Black and Green from render Sub-Text:Drop. Shot. Reload. Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no...
  2. MeGaMan08

    Request Gamebattles Singles Logo and Avatar *CLOSED*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Logo=300x200 Avatar=64x64 Text:The Akademikz Avatar Text:aKa Sub-Text:GeT Like Me Game/Render requested (post links): Colors:Black and colors to match the render. Have avatar the same colors too...
  3. MeGaMan08

    Request Logo and Avy Request *Completed*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Logo 300x200 Avy 64x64 Text:Fashion City Dubz Sub-Text:None Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice):Designer Choice Contact...
  4. MeGaMan08

    Request sig Request *QUICKSHOT* allowed to rerequest

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Regular Sig Size Text:iAkaDeMiKz xX Sub-Text:None Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice):Designer Choice Contact Info:Just message me on site when ready :D...
  5. MeGaMan08

    Request Request For Clan Logo *CLOSED*

    Type:Logo and Avatar 300x200 and 64x64 Text:Team [P]aRaLy[Z]e Text Color:Light Blue,Black and White Extras:MLG Logo in Bottom right Thanks
  6. MeGaMan08

    C & C MeGaMaNs Sigs

    My third Text sigs.
  7. MeGaMan08

    Request Logo Request for Megaman *Finished*

    size:300x200 and 64x64 text:Logo-TriggerS Happy in White letters. Avatar-TA in white letters subtext:None game/render request:Halo 3 colors:Black,Blue and White Extras:MLG Sign in Bottom Right(a must please and thanks) contact info:XBL GT or post in here GT:ii FraNcHiZe X SOORY I...
  8. MeGaMan08

    Cod4 or Halo 3 Tourneys???

    We should start making some free tourneys for any game we want? That should bring in some more people. We tell our friends theres a tourney and this site should get alot more people. If you need any help in making one ill be down to help? Just add me on XBL or GB cause thats the two easiest...
  9. MeGaMan08

    Which One? I need Help deciding!

    This is for my new Gamertag. 1:ii ReVeLaTiiOn 2:ii HooD NiNjA 3:ii SkittLeZ 4:ii FraNcHiiZe 5:xl BooM BoX lx 6:xX SwiZZ BeAtZ 7:xX iTeRRoRiiZe 8:x iMeDiC o 9:II S IK IE IE T 10:xl WaR ChiLd lx 11:ii WaR ChiLd 12:ii ToY SoLDieR 13:A FoR AuToMaTiiK 14:S FoR SiiDeKiCk Or should i...
  10. MeGaMan08

    I MeGa MaN x iS Here!

    Hello everyone. Names MeGa MaN lol My GT: I MeGa MaN x Cool site my friend told me about this. Anyone play COD4?
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