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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Elliot Smith-little one
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    song stuck in ur head

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    Arcade Fire

    I think my fave of the neighborhoods is #1....but then again I could sit here all day talking about each of them :P I just adore the lyrics in #1.....and crown of love.....This cd is still in constant rotation for me too.....has yet to get old. :D :sigh:
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    Last mp3, Song, or Album You Downloaded?

    Downloaded and purchased the new Frank Black album from itunes....
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    Good Charlotte

    GC threads merged...
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    Something Corporate

    There already a something corporate thread, please continue here. Britt
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    What music do you like?

    A thread already exists for discussion of the type of music everyone likes, please continue here. Britt CLOSING
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    What Got Stuck?

    Oi, just came in here to say that. Thank you. Please always check! We're constantly merging and closing duplicate topics in here. ;) Britt :)
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Music

    Please refer the following thread for further discussion. :) Closing...
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    *seconds what Jinnie mentioned about doubleposting* :blink: I bet you're familiar with them and just don't know it yet. :P Even the frickin' pepsi commercial is using Blitzcrieg Bop. ahhh, Ramones. A classic. Who doesn't love 'em. Heard of all of the others you listed, and I don't NOT...
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    rock is back! Not at all actually.
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    rock is back!

    *cringe* aghgh. :pinch: Not a huge fan of the show or Styx (especially), as a rock and roll fan. Ah well, to each his own. :P :)
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    Wicked - Awesome Broadway Show!

    Merged the Wicked threads...
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    A rent related thread already exists, please post there.
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    A dance thread already exists, please post there! :)
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    :P I know, it's upsetting, but I kinda just feel that at moment and just remind myself that I've done it forever and I've had fun and it's just time for me to let go. As melodramatic as that sounds. :lol: But it's hard! It's difficult to describe the feeling! I can't watch dance movies or...
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    went to Music Midtown Festival.....really want to see Intonation Music Fest. from Pitchfork for The Decemberists and Broken Social Scene but it's in Chicago :(
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    Dead 60s, Bloc Party, Dreams of Realiy

    :D heard of all of the above! :) great stuff. I'm seeing the Bravery this summer I think, and although I didn't get to see all of it at Music Midtown this year, I caught the end of Bloc Party and it was awesome. :band: :punkrock:
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    that's awesome....wonder if they're coming back anytime soon... *runs off to check*
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    oo how was mars volta? I wanted to see them in Atlanta but couldn't go...
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