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    The Groupies Group #41 - A fresh new place to be

    The Groupies Group is a place for friends to come and hang out and talk. We welcome new people, and hope old members will come back. We are fun and supportive and many of us have become close knit friends over the last 2 years. We'd love to start new friendships too though. #19 - Ditzy Immy...
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    Hi *waves*

    Hi, my name is Lindsey, aka Av if you're at I'm not really new the the forum exactly. I joined about 10 months ago, but this is the first time I've really come here and looked around and actually posted. My first post was actually for my fanfic, which I posted today. But I plan on...
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    Nocturne's Shadows

    Disclaimer: Alias and its characters are not mine. blah blah. Summary: Sydney was supposed to be okay after they cured her from the Nocturne. But that wasn’t how things turned out. Rated: PG-13 Genre: Drama/Angst Setting: Post-Nocturne in Season 4 A/N: - To warn you, this is a dark fic. - This...
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