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  1. Chronic

    College . University

    ok quick question and dont look up the answer! i want you guys to answer right of the top of your head! So whats the difference between a College and a University!? Anyone know off the top of there head???
  2. Chronic

    Weird Songs

    ok what do you thinks would be the weird song on guitar hero and rockband? it can be any song. so what ya guys think??????
  3. Chronic

    Kayne West

    ok after Love Lockdown (wich is a great song:thumbs_up:) it seems like all of his new songs have been exactly or sounding like Love Lockdown:thumbs_down:. i think he thinks hes all that. But thats ,my opinion
  4. Chronic

    GFX RaTe ThE AvAtAr AbOvE YoU!!

    pritty easy just rate the persons avatar that posted before you on a scale of 1-10, 10 being FREAKIN amazing and 1 bein **** horrible!!
  5. Chronic

    Chronic In Da House!!!

    Hey guys was up. ive been hereing alot about this site and thought i drop in.(thanks to Insane my bro) ya i been around graphics for aobut 2 years. i render alot and am a Judge (Class Team is what u guys call it). Hopin i can just chill here!
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