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    C & C + energy

    theres no c4d.... maybe u mean the scraggly like pen tool. thanks for the input
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    C & C *Gezus* Sigs

    yea most likely a ripper. wow lol
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    Michael Phelps

    do u think he will win all 8 gold medals? yes or no :)
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    C & C + energy

    yea i just can never incorporate anything on the sides of the sig away from the focal. i really need to work on that. thanks for ur input :)
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    C & C *Gezus* Sigs

    i dont like any of them really. but something tells me u didnt make the halo one...... because there are initials "RL" in the bottom right corner. and ur alias is "gezus"
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    C & C Killzone xd

    wow. great colors and text. i really like it
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    C & C Tell me what ya think

    yea, i agree the 5th is ok. but i dont like the rest
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    C & C + energy

    C&C pwease :)
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    tanks bro!
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    GFX Newest Wall

    i get jealous everytime i look at ur work. not kidding. great stuff :)
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    thanks guys. im workin on another sig. ill post it soon :)
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    yea thanks for the input bro. ill work on that
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    yea i mainly did this as an experiment to see how good i could use the eraser tool to make the c4d appear behind the focal :)
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    oh yea, by the way i made this sig with no mouse. just the touchpad on my laptop
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    fanx :) lol
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    C & C Some Girly :)

    CnC Pwease
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    GFX A new style

    i <3 vectored stuff. good job :)
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    GFX Backpackin

    amazing pen tool. wow. aced that sig. and that stock is hard to work with! so extre points
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    GFX Gift To Jnasty...CnC

    gaussain blur + lighten = BADD
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    GFX New Here (my recents)

    haha no i didnt make em. i just found that stock lol :)
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