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    just another depressing poem

    shadow shadow on the wall who's the most worthless among us all who cries themself 2 sleep at night knowing nothing is well and nothing is right who bleeds just 2 know she's alive she says 4 him she would give her life who this girl is it is unknown but ill give u a hint ur reading her poem...
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    Season 5 Sark's first name!

    spioler!!!!!!!!!!! its julian!!!!! i remember seeing it somewhere i think it ws david anders website but im not sure!
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    the ultimate baddie

    i personally think sark is :)
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    random 89

    CONTINUE THE MADNESS!!!! link to 88 thanx BETHA
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    if ur pissed off. . .

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    jack and __ ?

    were always assuming it's irina and some1 else so what if it's jack and some1 else!
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    would u rather b blood or relashionship related?

    i'd rather b sark's lil sis' then he can't break up with me! guys obviously arn't gonna choose the last 1!
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    shout/run around/be happy/whatever

    ok make with the happy.
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    vent/rave/cry/whatever 3

    let's start with a problem circle! please state your name and problem. i'll start: my name is Sark's Girl and my problem was stated some where around pg 185 or 186 of v/r/c/w2
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    Who's going 2 a magnet school nxt year?

    I AM!!!!
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    what's ppls problem with being GOTHIC

    IT'S A COLOR PPL! that's all it is so why do people think it's so weird?
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    Top 5 hottest women

    ( copying milo ) 1. me 2. me 3. me 4. me 5. me
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    4. . . being youngest on AA. ( 11 ) living in texas (i think) and no we don't have those stupid accents! we have american accents like everyone else! and sleeping the longest without waking up. . . 17 hours, just last night because 1 of the counsellors had a sleep over 4 the older girls and i...
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    sark shall 4ever be in the hearts of many. . . just needed 2 say that 4 some reason.
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    Vaughn haters thread

    he's such a goody-goody! he's too perfect! who can go 4 some1 that's too perfect?! With Sark there's always action and suspense he's the hottie bad boy! *drools over his hottness *
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    Chapter One: The Killing

    Chapter One: The Killing It was a hot summer day, as Ethan and Elizabeth Sark were walking to the third floor of the parking lot." Did you see that pitch?"Elizabeth asked her brother excidedly. She looked up at him and smiled.Suddenly, she heard a deep voice yell "Stay where you are!" She saw...
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    what should Sark's name be?

    ETHAN SARK sounds best 2 me. and he looks like an Ethan.
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    Should AA have changed?

    i know i should have used the comment section but Charlie said he was having a hard time putting in the Portal so . . . i said either way. in my personal opinion, Charlie has the right 2 do what ever he wants with it.
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    List your hotties in order!

    Sark, Vaughn, then Will!!!
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    Should Will have died ?

    post ur ops! :D
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