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    Nero Help?

    OK, I know how to brun DVds and stuff. And I know how to creat menus with nerovision express. But is there any way to REALLY customize the buttons? SO that you can put text buttons instead of theframes they provide. I've made buttons and used them, its all good. But how can I do it so that...
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    David Anders in The Bill

    Ok, I just found out that DA was in a recent eppy of "The Bill". As it hasnt shown here (aus) yet, and wont for ages, I was wondering if anyone knew of any screen caps from it that I could look at? THanks
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    Ball/Prom/Formal Dress

    I'm just curious. I know some people at my school are paying heaps for their ball dresses. Just wondering about others.
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    West Aussies Thread

    Okies, well I found out that we dont get the season finale til 2 weeks away and everyone else gets it next week <_< I know I dont wanna be spoiled so I thought I'd create this thread so as none of us would!
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    The Lost Muse Thread

    Okies, so starry poo, here it is! <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>The lost muse support group!</span> This thread is for u ppl who's muse has gone walkabouts, like mine...and starrypoos!
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    Living Situations...

    Well....I'm a curious vote, if u find it too personal or summit u can vote and not comment or not vote at all *shruggs* its up to u! I personally live with my mum, my dad died...
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    OMG!! i just saw the episode where the helicopter crashes off the roof!!! It was sad! No one even know claw man (romano) is dead!!!!!
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    Here's some of my sketches.... feel free to comment and post ur own!!
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    Sim Skins

    Hey, I dunno if this is the right place to put this, but does anyone know where I can find some Alias Sims Skins??? If this isnt in the right place,feel free to move it! Thanx!
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    The Bill

    This is my second fav show....anyone else watch it!?!
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    Australia Day!

    So...I know its not til monday and all but I thought I'd make it a loooong celebration ;) so... <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'> HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! </span>
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    ®ªñÐöM 156

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BOO!!!!</span>
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    English Crime drama

    Hey, I havent been able to find a thread on The bill so I thought I'd make one :D So does nebody like english cop shows???? I personally LOVE them!!!! *FuNnYcHiCkEn* :soccer2:
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    I was wondering if anyone likes AFL??? If anyone dosn't know it stands for Australian Football Legue and is kind of a cross between rugby and soccer....kind of. *FuNnYcHiCkEn* :soccer2:
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    Hey, I do scouts and I was wondering if anyone else here does. be it leader or youth member..... If so - is anyone going to the 2007 jamboree??? *FuNnYcHiCkEn* :soccer2:
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