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    When did this board come back online?

    I'm shocked (and glad) that this board is back online. I remember that at some point it became impossible to log in and the page was often offline. Can anyone tell me what happened and when did this board return? Thanks.
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    Season 5 Series finale completely contradicts episode 4x16

    So what was Rambaldi's endgame? When one watches the season 5 finale one would assume immortality(The Horizon). But it CAN'T BE! And here's why. Please re-watch "Another Mister Sloane" OK. So Slaone interrogates the man who's working for Arvin Cloane. As Sloane keeps threatening the guy we get...
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    24 - Season 5 DVD cover art (Region 2)

    Looks good enough to be the actual final artwork. Also it matches the previous R2 releases. Revised artwork: Can't wait to get my hands on this. Season 5 was great, too many deaths though. Personally I like the cover, what about you?
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    the ABC Alias auction on ebay Wow! So you all probably know that ABC is having an Alias stuff auction over at ebay and the money collected goes to the Children’s Defense Fund charity. Some stuff looks pretty cool. Especially the Rambaldi artifacts (really pricy...
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    This is the costume Jen should have worn in Elektra!

    This is inice :D Note: the picture is a fake.
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    La femme Nikita

    In my opinion the show was great. Basically Nikita(Peta Wilson) was accused for murdering a police officer and she had a choice to either be excecuted or become a member of a secret anti-terrorism unit called"Section One". She took the second choice. :D God! I had completely forgot about that...
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    Alias seaon 5 to have only 17 episodes

    Read this and cry. I thought they were gonna have at least 18 episodes, but the last episode that aired was 5x09 - "The Horizon" 8 more episodes equals 17 episodes. That really irritates me. Original link.
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    Alias season 4 REGION 2 DVD-s

    Wow, this is fast considering the US customers get season 4 october 25. original scource:
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    Season 5 Vaughn

    Sorry for this. Found out this topic already existed.
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    Season 5 How seriously can I take "E"-s info?

    Michael Vartan Announcement by Kristen of E "Ok, so now you KNOW. Vaughn is dead. And I think you can see now why I tried to prep you a bit ... It was devastatingly, shockingly HEARTBREAKING, was it not? This is what I have to say: Yes, of course, M. Vartan will be truly missed. But I didn't...
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    Buffy DVD question

    Haven't had any of the DVD-s. Ordered the new 40 disc season 1-7 set and am wonderiing if there are lots of cast interviews and features. I love those. I know the new 40th disc defianately has at least 2 cast features. Don't know about the rest though.
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    Do you think Angel & Co. died in season 5 finale?

    I finally saw the Angel series finale and I was shocked :o If I use logic Angel and others probably died for they were largely outnumbered :( but I still hope they didn't :) What's your opinion? The end was just a too big of a shock to me.
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    Lost: The Journey

    I didn't see the episode. Was there any new stuff or just a narration about what had happened before?
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    Time to pre-order Alias Season 4 from Amazon

    Just wanted to post it here because I have seen many people complaining it's 59.99. Even if this topic is closed my topic title and description says it all. ;)
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    Season 5 airing question

    I had never watched Alias on ABC before season 4 started. I got the DVDs. I also know that season 4 started later than usually. As I understand it S1, S2 & S3 started always in September and ended in May. Season 4 started in January and still ended in May.(having 1 episode and sometimes even 2...
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    Best Batman?

    Now that Batman Begins has hit the theaters I would like to ask people which one is best in their in opinion. My favourite was definately Batman but now it's Batman Begins.
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    Season 4 Nadia saw it coming

    I rewatched the episode and when she touched the Sphere of Life he saw scenes from "Before The Flood". I noticed Syd and Nadia fighting, the Muttler Device and Nadia with freaky eyes. So I guess it was all meant to happen'. And that Nadia "died" as the prophecy told. From a certain point of view...
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    Season 4 Vaughn worked for Irina?

    Think about it. Irina knew about Vaughn and he himself said that it was no accident that he met Syd when she walked in to CIA. As we know Irina wanted to inflitrate both CIA and SD-6.(which she did succesfully) Vaughn could do both. He got intel about SD-6 from Syd(remember "The Box part 1& 2")...
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    Season 4 What about Sark?

    I've read reports from several sites about David Anders being in the big finale. it was a damn lie. :angry:
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    In what episode did Syd have this disguise? I'm talking about the cover art of Season 2 DVD box set. Did Syd ever have this disguise?
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