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    Only Hope

    hey, first to reply!! good timing i guess. this is really good, and a good twist. u really need to upedate more often though, especially if every update is as good as this one!! :D well written, and i like how everything ties in together. i like the tyler stuff too, very well done thanx...
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    Forbidden Bliss

    this is a good start, i am interested in where it will go from here. ca i please get a pm when update? thanx
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    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>Absolute </span> It is burning, Hate, desire, A feeling of madness. Emotion, absolute. Nothing will stay, Everything changes. Nothing left but nothing. Oblivion, absolute. The world a mess, In broken shambles Stray matter floats around. Destruction...
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    Second Chances

    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>Second Chances</span> ‘Grrrll … Grrrll” I slowly awoke to a very unusual sound. I roll over and lazily open one green eye. “Just Tom” I mutter, and roll back. Wait a minute… there!! There, in the corner of my steel cell I called a home, was a...
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    it was only a dream

    wow-y, that was SO good!!! i really loved it, and am SO glad u wrote it. it wasn't what i expected actually, but that made it better! really, it was great, and i am very thankful u wrote it. thanx again aid
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    How To Use Your Signature/Avatar

    hey, just wanted to put my img here, coz this is da only way i no how to do it
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    hey!! this is just a creative response to the book Fly Away Peter which i NEVER recommend to anyone, coz it sucks. i a proud of this, so i thought i would post it here. the assignment that i chose was: 4.Chapter 17 of the novel is an account of Jim’s experience of dying. How would you...
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    Only Hope

    wow, this is really great!!! i have read the first two fics in the series like four times each, and i am so glad that you made a sequel, or trequel if you will. can i pretty please have a pm when you update? it is just SO good. thanx ^_^
  9. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    This will only be for Aussies, so don't feel bad if you yanks have no idea who he is Title: After Bali Author: Jason McCartney Description: After Bali is Jason McCartney's account of how his life - and those of many thousands touched by the Bali bombing of October 2002 - was changed forever...
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    Need Help Picking A Book!

    i totally recommend Pride and Prejudice, i REALLY loved it, but it is a classic, so you may want to do something different. i personally found Alias Grace REALLy boring, but others have read it and loved it. if you are the type of person that needs a book to capture their attention right away...
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    yesterday i got the best shoes in the world; black Manolo Blahniks!!! i love them with all my heart, they are my first pair of blahniks. i also got a pair of really dark blue Diesel Hush Tinted Jeans. i am gonna wear both to my friends b-dai party on the weekend
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    Join "Team Sark"

    hey, can i pretty please join? pretty please with wipped cream and a cherry and sark on top? an assignment would be fun, i think you should do i. a question though, how does one move up the ranks?
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    < Anti-Sarkina >

    i want to join!! sark and irina totally to not go together. I love j/i, and i love sarkney!! i see irina as more of a mother/teacher figure to sark than a lover. sarkina is just totally wrong!!
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    Anders' Angels

    Hey, can i pretty please join???!!!! i did the love calc test, and got 92 with DA but, since his real name is David Holt, shouldn't we all use that? although, i don't like it, i only got a 29 with DH i got physical 91% emotional 70% intellectual 99% total 87% pretty good, on both...
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    all ships (esp. sarkney and s/v)

    first off, let me just say that i am a SARKNEY shipper i was an s/v shipper, but the whole 'he left after 9 months' thing kinda threw me off, and i have been sarkney eva since. i heard that JJ is coming back for Season 4 of Alias and is gonna make everyone love s/v again, and want them to be...
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    Hello Peoples!

    Hello all you Alias Peoples!!! just wanted to introduce myself. SO HI!!!! My name is Andrea Brown and i am 15. i live in Melbourne, Australia, so don't be freaked if this post says something like 2am. I love Alias, but i love sleep more!!! Now, by looking at my name, you are probably...
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