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  1. StoneWolf

    Motoring StoneWolf's Guide to Getting Pulled Over.

    StoneWolf's Guide to Getting Pulled Over. Woo woo, there is a cop w/ their lights on behind you. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge the police by waving. Do not reach for anything. Keep your hands either on the wheel or within sight. Immediately put on your RIGHT hand blinker. Remove your...
  2. StoneWolf

    Tabletop RPG Development Thread

    Awhile back an (ex) friend of mine & myself started to develop a brand new table top role-play system. I wanted to continue the work & wondered if I posted the docs would anyone be interested in reviewing or expanding on the work with me? The basic idea is based around opposed roles, with dice...
  3. StoneWolf

    Not boring thread title!

    Hey, howdy, hi. I'm new (around here) and love SciFi & Fantasy, movies, shows, books. Also the thread title might have misled you as to the content.
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