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  1. kylo4

    Fiona Apple

    Besides Joss, Fiona Apple is my favourite female artist. I own all of her albums (Tidal, when the Pawn... and bought Extraordinary Machine the day it came out. I was listening to it 2-3 times a day. Here's my review for it (it got published in my school paper) Fiona Apple-Extraordinary Machine...
  2. kylo4

    Lost Wisdom

    Prologue To Sydney: (I love you Sydney Anne Bristow) If I see you today, will you be there tomorrow Without you here by my dise, I'm filled with sadness I made a mistake, and for that I'm sorry Just promise.....just promise me that you'll stay I love you are all that I think about...
  3. kylo4

    Lost Thoughts

    Edit: January 1'st 2010 I stumbled across my old posts here after trying to locate "the site I was so fond of as a kid." Was I ever in for a surprise after stumbling across a lot of these past musings and thoughts of my youthful mind. Though virtually all of this has been removed (due to...
  4. kylo4

    Sydney vs. Elektra

    Author's Note* I wrote this story two years ago. It is finished. I haven't been able to post it here because of some.........difficulties, but Entertainment Weekly wrote about it in their magazine. I also started a sequel, which I should be getting around to writing now. The sequel is more of an...
  5. kylo4

    Sex for Rating's. On Alias.

    Not that I have anything against it or all. Lol. But haven't you noticed that Alias has sort of been using sex for ratings. Lingerie, the shower scene, you name it. I just wanted to see if anybody else know about it too. kylo4
  6. kylo4

    R-Rated Jokes!

    Here they are: Bad Jokes!!!! These are basically all from my friends. The last one I made up yesterday. Your mom is like a bicycle, everyone gets a ride. Your mom is like a hardware store, 5 cents a nut, 10 cents a screw. Your mom is like a squirrel, she's always got nuts in her mouth. Your mom...
  7. kylo4


    I am a collector. I'm not a nerdy collector, I just sometimes do it in my spare time. All in all, I have some very valuable comics, and I have over $2,000 so far in comics. (That's American money, by the way.) I always buy Spider-Man monthly. Come and talk about your comic books, and collections...
  8. kylo4


    AC/DC rock!!!!!!!!!! From Back in Black to She Shook me All Night Long. Here's my 10 favourite songs from them: 1. Back in Black 2. She shook me (All Night Long) 3. Jailbreak 4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 5. Highway to Hell 6. T.N.T. 7. Shoot for Thrill 8. Thunderstruck 9. If you want Blood...
  9. kylo4

    Life's a b****

    It'll go something like this: Life's a b**** when you almost died when you were born. Life's a b**** when your mom has almost died from cancer, and other diseases. Life's a b**** when every girl hates you. Life's a b**** when you just want to talk, but no one listens. This story has no moral...
  10. kylo4

    What I know about Girls? (From a guy)

    I'll list the things that I know that girls hate, and like. Hate: - When guys forget their name. - When you hold her/hug/kiss her when she doesn't want you to, or tells you to stop. - When you hit on her and she knows it, but you keep doing it anyway. - When you stare at their boobs when...
  11. kylo4


    I'm listening to his CD ELVIIS: SECOND TO NONE right now. I'm just finishing off listening to Bossa Nova Baby. I love Elvis. He has great music. Even though it's old, it's still great. kylo4
  12. kylo4


    This story is in progress, but I want to gather readers up. See if you're interested. Now this story starts at the beginning. What if Danny didn't get drunk and never said anything, or, if Sydney never told Danny her secret. None of the things that Sydney did would be the same. She never would...
  13. kylo4

    Dead Like Me and Carnivale (duplicate topic)

    I have been following both Dead Like Me, and Carnivale. Now despite what you've probably heard, Carnivale isn't that bad of a show. Yah, it does have some nudity, and can sometimes be gross, but I like it. Also, Dead Like Me is another great show. If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check...
  14. kylo4

    What Now?

    I want to know where most chocolate bar commercials are? What happened to Vanilla Ice, and what happened to Creed? When are they going to release a new album. Does anybody got any more that they want to add to the list? kylo4
  15. kylo4

    Grand Theft Auto games

    Grand Theft Auto is one sweet series. I beat GTA:VC and I'm in the middle of GTA:3 Right now. If you need any help with the game, I'll gladly tell you how to do it. kylo4
  16. kylo4

    If you could be anyone for a day.....

    I'd have to say Micheal Vartan, just to get close to Jennifer Garner. (gorram you Vartan!!!!!! Lol.) kylo4
  17. kylo4

    Ray Liotta

    I was just watching Turbulence a couple of minutes ago. Anyhow, do you know how I got into Ray Liotta movies? I heard him on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and that started his career for me. (I hope that, that last line made sense. Lol.) So far, these are the movies of his that I've seen...
  18. kylo4

    Magical Me!

    Now this may sound stupid, or it may not, but I've decided to do my own column, but before shutting this down. *Ahem* AliasAlias, I just want you to think about it. The way I see it, I've always wanted to be unique, so I can express that in this column. If you want to read it, than post it...
  19. kylo4


    A\N Picture the main character, (Ray) as a younger Ray Liotta, and his brother, (John) as Sean Penn in I am Sam, or Ralph Fiennes in Spider. Also, I'd like to point out that for this story, I'm putting my heart and soul into it. If possible, I'd like to dedicate it to SydB_JenG. The plot is...
  20. kylo4

    Upcoming Movies of the Future!

    All of these movies will come out in due time. Most of them I got from a site called, and others, I got from my own personal knowledge of movies. (Actually, I just read it in magazines.) So read on! kylo4 - Iron Man - The Punisher (possibly an August 2004 release) -...
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