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    What have you seen recently?

    I Saw Prometheus Last Week. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a spoiler so if you are planning to go and see it you have been warned. I watched a TV film critic here on Ch7 TV in Australia say it was a great film and definitely wasn't an Alien prequel. Perhaps there are two versions of...
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    Would you use a "transporter" if you knew...

    In a word, no, absolutely not. What would the 'real' me be doing whilst the copy was off somewhere else, sitting in the transporter reading magazines until the 'real' me came back? I think it was the movie 'The Prestige' (it was one of the two magician type movies that was out at the time)...
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    Martian Heat Ray & Disintegrator Beam

    I think the main reason is, that this is a science fiction movie, not a documentary! It just plain looks great.
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    Sci-Fi 1977: Did Star Wars derail serious sci fi?

    It's an interesting question: Do people want cerebral Sci-fi? I went to see 'Inception' and couldn't wait for it to end, it's the first film I've seen in the last ten years where people in the audience were asking each other what it was supposed to be about. Two women sitting in front of...
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    Sci-Fi 1977: Did Star Wars derail serious sci fi?

    When it comes to sci-fi movies who want's serious? People want action, good guys against bad guys, lots of noisy impressive machines and explosions. Lots of great effects, interesting planets, curious creatures and a great soundtrack. Analysis or deep meaningful messages about aliens or...
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