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  1. almostvoid

    Seasons Greetings Sentients

    All the best to wonder at it all the year the moment the festive cheer. I failed a few writing comps - which is survivable as it is good practice to wrench out new ideas to mangle reality well and truly - so an e-card from DownUnder where the Festive Season is back to front and upside down- but...
  2. almostvoid

    Photography beauty is more than skin it is more than deep it is this!
  3. almostvoid

    Music B is for Bauhaus

    had this then. now only two compilation which are excellent
  4. almostvoid

    Music Battery tribute to Rammstein

    it's a while back. Battery are actually nothing like this. More like sound-scape-mind-crafting-sonic-audio-dimensionalities.
  5. almostvoid

    Music Amyl and the Sniffers

    this band is sort of recent. she's got energy - reminds me of Polly Styrene and the XRay Specs esp Germ Free Adolescent. here though no sax to go with that bought the cd bought the t shirt and can't stop playing it
  6. almostvoid

    Sci-Fi Brain runs amok writes a story

    Below out from brain cells denuded of some ergs of energy dissipated of finally having finished the first draft of my third novel. A trilogy where the first book ending in Afghanistan with the Soviets in possession of an alien artefact. The second novel - up a level of magnitude to the galactic...
  7. almostvoid

    Sci-Fi 12 Monkeys - the series

    As my TV blew up I watch dvd's and 12 Monkeys the series promised to go beyond the original movie in so many promising ways. There were great plot lines criss crossing each other or falling apart. Never boring and never maudlin in the suburban soap sense. The characters were individuals and not...
  8. almostvoid

    music from my vault: Amon Duul II

    the longer intro song -not this- this is the 'hit' part of the LP - has still not been surpassed. A decade prior new wave.
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