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    What do you think.........???

    hey swirlinator i watched that episode of nova, it will be cool you'll have the northern lights over places like london and such. not the end of the world.
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    Some of my 3D work

    very nice what are you using to make them?
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    Aliens vs. Predators vs. Humans

    I did not like the Alien vs predator movies, reason. to many humans. they should have gotten rid of the humans and just had exactly what the movie said. Aliens vs predators nothing else and it would have been great.
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    First Science fiction book

    what was the first science fiction book that you read? for me it was Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids read it in 4th grade. been hooked ever since.
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    Life Changing SciFi Books

    starship troopers; got me to think a lot about what does citizenship means. little fuzzy glory season
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    Comment by 'edott' in media 'Universe1'

    looks good, what did you use to make it?
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    Comment by 'edott' in media 'Warlands of Tristen'

    That is nice what did you do it with?
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    'Hard' SciFi Stories with science

    Thanks for the post i am going to have to go by my local library and check out a few of those books.
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    When you want to know.......

    looks like a hoot. thanks for posting this.
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    Excerpt: The Last Wars of the Jinn

    from an Islamic Point of view Jinn area race of Supernatural creatures created by the almighty from Fire. Angels are made from light man from clay and Jinn from smokeless fire. They are like men choosing to be good or bad,
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    Neil Armstrong's Story to Be Told in "First Man"

    Another Movie that i will have to see. I can only hope that it gives our space program a boost.
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    The Space Programs

    NASA's budget should be triple what it is now. I was hoping that with the chinese getting into space that NASA would get a boost, but that does not seem to have happened.
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    CBS Drops Bomb On Jericho

    they are always looking for the superhit.
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    Cyberpunk show for Fox in september 2008

    will watch it before i pass any judgement.
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    Sci-Fi What the writers strike did for BSG

    The first episode was great for this final season was great
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    Horror Hellboy II: The Golden Army

    This movie looks as if it is going to be great. I am definitly going to go see it.
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    DAZ 3D

    I use bryce haven't started using daz studio yet but i must say bryce rocks.
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    The CoolSciFi Creative Poll

    You can check out some of my art, stories and short videos at Please put a comment.
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    Music Science Fiction Sounds Resource

    As someone who has started making short videos i must give you a huge thank you for posting this link.:cool:
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    Charlton Heston, Dead at 84

    The world mourns the loss of a great actor. He was in some of the best sci-fi movies. Soylent Green is still a classic as is planet of the apes.
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