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    Hi from Bolton UK

    Welcome Scifi Sunday. Remember what Bill Gates said: "Be nice to nerds, you'll probably end up working for one".
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    Nancy's feeling naughty

    If you like novels about UFOs/aliens etc you may enjoy mine. It's on amazon for 99c at the moment, it's called 'A strange Encounter' by Steve Fellick. I'm sorry, I have no idea how to put a cover image or link to amazon on here for it. I had a look at your site, I think Lilac and vaseline...
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    Hello All.

    I posted my opinion on the Roswell case under the Betty and Barny hill thread. The more I read about it the more I become convinced that, sadly, there's nothing extraterrestrial to it. Maybe a good new thread would be: Roswell: Science fact or science fiction. That might be like...
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    Hello All.

    Thanks Starbeast. I think you're right about "Alien Soup" this looks like my cup of tea. You may get the impression that I'm a skeptical de-bunker that doesn't believe any of this stuff from some of my posts. This is because I think there's too many people out there in the UFO/Alien...
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    Hello All.

    Hello all, I have had an interest in UFOs, conspiracy theories and science fiction for a very long time. I usually go and see any science fiction film that comes out even if I expect it to be rubbish, hoping of course that it isn't. I was right about District 9 though, I thought the only good...
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