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    Forgivness is Never Love Lasts Forever

    I thought I'd write a fic about syd and vaughn. It takes place not too long ago just about the beginning of the season. I hope you like it! Chapter 1 I would have waited The words repeated in Sydneys head. It had been the last thing she told Vaughn before he had been stabbed in the chest by...
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    Politics Divorce

    This is for peopel to deal with parents goign threw divorce....getting divorced or anything else yuo wanna talk about it
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    The Others

    I loved it! DID YOU SEE IT? ^_^
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    LZIX ice cream house

    WELCOME TO LZIX ICE CREAM HOUSE OF FUN! <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'> MENU</span> Everyone flovor out there we need: Scoopers:1.Amy Assistant Manager: Janitor: Toppin People: 1.Kiki Dj:Spicchik453 Kids Specialist:Kar Waitors:1.Timmy Bouncer:David Please note: NO FIGHTING...
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    Help....With Suprise Party

    I'm throwing my friend a suprise pasrty for my friend whs getting of her broke and sprained foot or the first time in oveer 3 months! My friends and I came up with the idea and its great...but...we duno wht to do...I need help or advise for things we could do with 10-12-14-16 people who are from...
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    10 famous or none famous people u wanna meet

    Ok I kno we have an aa peopel thread but i thought we neded one of these too!
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    I just put on make-up for fun and my mom said i looked really pretty...I wanted to know how much u girls..or guys? :P wear
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    *Random 182*

    random 181 let the random begin
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    singing wallpaper

    OK here it goes It needs to be 800x600 (standered) You can use any brushes,text,ect...that you want All i' masking is: Its an singing artist for example Clay Aiken :wub: A good website for pics is: Clay Linkin Park Outkast Good Charlotte or anyone else you like the other thing is...
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    Please Help me

    I was on aim and i said i was depressed...He told me to ashut up and that i was fine i told him to to yell at me and he went crazy and started swearing at me.I cryed for the first time in 2004.Not a great way to start the year. I really need some help on what to do hes one of my best friends.He...
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    Outfits for New Years party

    post outfits for new years party!!
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    Clay Graduated

    OK...I had to post because I'm sooooooo obsesssed!!!!! Clay graduated...also if u buy chrispi cccream doghnuts the money goes to his foundation....I'm gonna be afat pretty sooon LOL ;) ^_^
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    The most unexpeted thing

    Well one of my crushes likes me...he told me...I'm amazed..I never thought this could happen to me...(Its not Clay)....Wow
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    Funny Story

    My class was getting changed for our chrild labor debate....My friends and I were getting changed.....The boys opened the door and so did we...we saw all of them in there boxers and naked....nasty right...well it gets worse....this girl emma was like i didn't kn oher had a frekel there....or...
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    Cheer up Kiki thread

    CHEER UP KIKI!!!!!! WOOHOOO :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited:
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    MY FRIEND IS ASKING MY CRUSH OUT FOR ME....I'm soooooo scared.....for one 4 other girls like him...I'm affraid to loose my friends.....second...I'm scared wht hes gonna say.....*runs and hides*....any tips or anything
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    Clay Aiken

    ok everyone knows how much of a clay fan I am so i started a thread :wub: CLAY :wub: ^_^ :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited:
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    The most important thing to her

    Chapter one. The ocean by:Elizabeth Luna woke up the sun shinning in her eyes. She heard her brother snoring and her sister rattling bottles of perfume and other make-up type things in the bathroom. She tried desperately to get back to sleep but nothing worked. “ Honey someone is here to see...
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