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    Season 4 Do You Like the New Theme Song?

    I didn't like it. The original was better. I liked the white-on-black and the Rambaldi eye, and the music.
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    I don't think they can completely take Rambaldi out of Alias, not with Syd and Nadia now working together. Confused me too. :huh:
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    I'm holding out hope that Syd just told Vaughn a half-truth about those...
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    I gave it a 3. I think I need to rewatch it, maybe then I'll like it more! (It worked with Season 3 on DVD!) on the first point, do you mean on the second, it definitely felt different, but I don't know about good> It was too soon. heh, yeah I thought Marshall's office looked familiar...
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    Sorry for disappearing and not reviewing for a while! I loved the last few updates! Soooo cute! And their dancing! ^_^
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    Promise Me You'll Cry If I Die Tomorrow

    First of all, thank you so much for keeping me on the PM list despite the fact that disappeared for the past two months! I really am sorry about that. I just had a lot of stuff going on and didn't get a chance to get on AA. Secondly, I loved the two updates I missed! Soooooo cute! ^_^
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    study for exams. Which I should be doing, but...
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    School Rants

    semester exams suck. :thud:
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    Too Much of the Holidays

    :lol: Here you get fined if you leave your xmas lights on past January. :lol:
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    When Charlie almost died

    Yeah, I was afraid Jack was gonna give him a broken rib or two! :lol:
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    Too Much of the Holidays

    I got sick of Christmas in mid-November. Stupid carols, and inflatable things, and waaaay too many lights! My Christmas spirt should return around... the 23rd! :lol:
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    When Charlie almost died

    I cried. And then I started thanking and cursing JJ at the same time when he turned out to be alive.
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    wat ru u most worried about right now?

    semester exams
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    Politics Depression

    No problems that you know of. You don't know what he was feeling. I've been having suicidal thoughts, but if I killed myself, people wouldn't believe it. They'd say I had a perfect, loving family, and was a good student who cared about others and had lots of friends. But they wouldn't know...
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    Politics Did you Vote?

    I'm not old enough to vote, but I would. I don't really like Bush or Kerry, but my vote would go to Bush.
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    Politics Voting?

    There's a poll like this but... No, I'm not old enough, but I would.
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    Politics Stem Cell Research

    I'm still sort of undecided on this issue, but I found this interesting. Body fat may hold bonanza: Stem cells By Marie McCullough Inquirer Staff Writer PITTSBURGH - Every year, Americans have 150,000 gallons of fat liposuctioned out of their bodies, no doubt unaware that each pint could...
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    World Series 2004

    Red Sox! I hate the Yankees and the Cards! The curse will be broken! :D
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    AllAlias Homework Help Center!

    hold on, i'll check oh, yikes! That's from mar/apr 2000 sorry! :blush:
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    AllAlias Homework Help Center!

    here are 3 I found... I'm not quite sure what you're looking for, so...
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