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    Season 5 React: Solo

    i loved solo! JG is pregnant & she can use that as an alias! Plus i like how the costumes are getting better.
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    If you could change the past...

    -Sdy wouldn't be pregnant -Syd would have another best friend similar to francie -Carrie/Mrashal's storyline was included more.
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Michael (Vartan) Vaughn N is for.........
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Francie G is for.......
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    Season 5 AOL Preview

    i was wonderimg the same thing! & i agree, latelyalias-media has been really lame, so if anyone can find those previews please post em!
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    Guess the episode?

    A Broken Heart ( i love your sig!)
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    Last letter game!

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    New Quiz! Post a quote...

    Weiss when Syd was in the park & CIA thought their was a hit put on her. "You cried like a baby"
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    Season 5 Mockingbird

    I unfortunately missed epi 4 Mockingbirde, and i was reading the summary on and i was confused on the order of events. Now was this epi like the one in S3 where it goes back to something that already happened but in more detail?
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    Vaughn's Return

    What would happen after that though in S6?
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    Season 5 Let's not confuse things... The show hasn't improved..

    I agree w/ boyscout4747. The reason i like season five is because of the plot. I like the whole revenge thing w/ sydney & the dean, & i like that because i thought that it was dumb in S4 how there wasn't a constant villian, now in S5 there is.
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    Last letter game!

    edward poole
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    A-Z of alias #3

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    Season 5 Syd's baby name

    I agree i think that syd will want a name that Vaughn liked so maybe isabelle, michael, or maybe shell name it nadia
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    Last letter game!

    Helix (Project)
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    Season 5 Rate: "The Shed"

    I really liked "The Shed" i think that alias is redeeming itself from last season, its good to see the old alias again. (Although i really didn't like the story w/ sloane that was ok cause it wasn't really part of the show too much.)
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    2005 Emmy's

    ok thanks a bunch!
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    i cant believe what just happened. i am sort of happy because now that gives alias a really good new plot line, but at the same time i'm sad because i feel like sydney is very alone. i mean where is it going to go?? her and renee are going to become great friends???
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    Season 5 The new gal - Rachel

    i really don't know what to think about this new character does anyone know what her story line will be or any of the other new characters for that matter??
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    2005 Emmy's

    does anyone have any pictures of Jennifer Garner at the 2005 primetime emmy's. I watched but never saw JG.Thanks
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