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    Non-Alias related wallpapers

    hiya can someone pls do me a 10 things i hate about you wallpaper. the film with heath ledger and julia stiles!! plssssssssssssssssssssssss i will be soooooo gratefull!!!!!! thanx everyone!!!!!
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    can some 1 pls pls pls make me a christina aguilera signature, pls pls pls, ill be really grateful!! thanx
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    Drama Titanic

    yeh, i saw it wen it was on in the uk it was on channel 1 or summin!!!! its wikid!!
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    christina aguilera

    so u all wud rather christina was unsuccessful and like britney spears rather than have her own image!!
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    christina aguilera

    well, if thats wot she wants to do then go christina and if thats how she wants to sell her cds then its obviously workin!!
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    christina aguilera

    she's not degrading herself, she's showing that she isnt afraid to show wot she's really like and i think its great that she is willing to show that!!
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    christina aguilera

    wot do u meen horrible song-dirrty?????????? that song is amazing she has a great voice and it just shows that she dusnt care wot ova people think of her!!!
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    fav colors

    i love black and purple!!!!!!!! i think it's because i love buffy the vampire slayer so they are kinda dark gothicy colours.
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    Who are you?

    i hope i wud be sydney because i think she is wikid!!! she is brave and she can just do anything!!!!!!!!
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    National Alias Day

    wot about a buffy the vampire slayer day, that wud be kool as well!!
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    christina aguilera!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love her she rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she has an amazing voice and is soo beautiful 'no matter what they say, words can't bring me down!!!'
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    Drama Titanic

    i love this film!!! i think the love story is soooo romantic and the whole thing is so tragic!!! it totally made me cry the first time!!! i love leo dicaprio in it and kate winslet is amazing in it!!!! i love the characters jack dawson and rose dewitt bukater (dunno how its spelt!!) anyway, wot...
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    Top 5 hottest women?

    1)sarah michelle gellar 2)christina aguilera 3)cameron diaz 4)jennifer garner 5)eliza dushku/alyson hannigan
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    Demi Moore

    i think demi just shows how gud u can look at 40 and she is great with ashton!! i think people shud leave them alon!! i love her role in charlie's angels 2 as madison lee and i also like her in ghost!!!!!!!!! GO DEMI!!
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    Hot Celebrities!

    here's my top 10 1)david boreanaz 2)hayden christensen 3)leo dicaprio 4)heath ledger 5)james marsters 6)micheal vartan 7)george clooney 8)anthony head 9)joseph fiennes 9)orlando bloom 10)patrick swayze wot do u fink????????????
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    Choose your Roomate

    well, male::: hayden christensen, david boreanaz or leo dicaprio female::: christina aguilera, sarah michelle gellar, cameron diaz or jennifer garner
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    Hottest girls ?

    i put jennifer garner, out of them because she is gud but i also like natalie portman!!!! i am really sad that cameron diaz and sarah michelle gellar aren't on this list because i love them 2
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    Old is Sexy?

    well sum old men are cute like george clooney but then young men r cute like leo dicaprio and hayden christensen!
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    LEO: R+J or Titanic

    i like them both but titanic wins!!
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    Angelina Jolie

    wow, these r great pictures, thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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