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    lost commercial

    Oh I like the arsty touch to it lol Wish we had some like that in the US. Stead of commericals like Paris Hilton washing a car why?! to sell a burger... makes no sense. BTW [b]little miss vaughn[/url] LOVE your av and sig
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    Superheroes Batman: The Dark Knight

    I'm sorry but I'm glad Katie Holmes isn't in the sequel
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    Sci-Fi The Island (2005)

    LOL OMG hey Frank it's Syd GOGO hey... lol Anyways I can't wait for this movie to come out. I just got Entertainment Weekly with Ewan and Scarlett on the cover. This coming FRI eek can't wait.
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    What movie did you just watch?

    Never heard of station agent... what's it about? Collateral was good...bad ending I think though
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    Will Ethan Return?

    well considering Francie came back through "a revival potion" yes possibly...didn't seem human
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    What movie did you just watch?

    Garden State and House of Flying Daggers
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    Character Cut Off

    Okay latest Watch With Kirstin Update! She says: I think it's a guy but everyone thinks it's gonna be Jack... GAH I can't deal with that
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    What is your favourite movie quote?...

    The banter about how Capt'n Jack sparrows got off the island... "human hair..." "From my back" god I love that... lol
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    Are you still animating things?
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    Who thinks Walt is Creepy?

    He's creepy.... lol
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    Sci-Fi Equilibrium

    lol I love they style of the movie though can't wait for Christian Bale to reprise the Role of BATMAN!!!
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    Drama Garden State

    Wrote directed and starred..he's hilarious on Scrubs too
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    Horror Constantine

    I don't really care about the comic but that's just me
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    Sci-Fi Equilibrium

    It was a good movie I couldn't sit through the last fight scene though cause it made me queasy but it was really good and artisitc
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    Funniest Movies Of All Time!

    Batman Series(Batman, Returns, Forever, Batman & Robin I liked them but I expected more I think THOUGH I'm looking forward to Batman Begins Catwoman BAD BAD BAD KITTY Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 These were really good but there's so much to the Spider-Man story I think there will be a CORNICOPIA...
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    Drama Garden State

    This was such a good movie!!!! I'm gonna buy it...but I need mulah
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    Horror Constantine

    I'm going to see it nevertheless..I haven't read the comics either but I'm going to watch it. I saw him in Premire magazine!!! Good stuff. CAN'T WAIT!!! *screams like a girl...wait I am one*
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    Rock Bands and Eyeliner

    OK so this is sort of off topic but not really has anyone noticed a frequent usage of Eyeliner amongst rock bands. EX. Franz Ferdinand The Killers Good Charlette Green Day The Cure more if there are Reminds me of POTC and JD...Johnny Depp
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    Who Knew?

    Okay well it was funny cause I was flipping through the channels and I stopped at the tech tv/g4 channel because this show called players was on but it was funny cause the whole show was dedicated to the Alias Game and it went backstage with the Alias crew like JJ and some of the writers as they...
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    Character Cut Off

    Yeah especially since LOTR I don't think they're cutting him off anytime soon though I thought it was interesting cause at first they wanted to cut off Jack in like the first episode but they liked him so they kept him...I wish they were cutting off like some other character not like the main...
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