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    Hey... nobody probably cares but I have to get this out of my system.. my synchro coach had her baby today... she has a lovely baby girl named.... get this SYDNEY... I almost died of happiness when she told us (my team) what she was gonna name her!! anyways... yeah!! Syd's birthday today...
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    Question--why maiden name [ed]

    I just thought of something.... How come Vaughn's wife name is Lauren Reed? Shouldn't her last name be Vaughn now that she's married? Any explanations or thoughts? I just think it's funny... no real emergency here ^_^
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    Optimist or Pessimist?

    I'd consider myself an optimist... how bout you?
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    I just started going to my highschool this year and I didn't realize how much goes on in there and how difficult it is to go through the day without getting bullied or something....especially if your in the youngest grade.... for example today the Senoir Girls went around with bingo dappers...
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