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    Season 5 Season 5 Teaser Poster!?

    Ok i saw Entertainment Tonight a few days ago and they showed a teaser poster for season 5 for like 2 seconds!! It had sydney with her holding her hand protectivly on her stomach :lol: anyone know where I an find that on the web/in any magazines??
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    Okay, I really hope somebody out there has read Christie Golden's Voyager re-launch books because I have to say I hated them!!!!!!!! :angry: They were awful, what were the trekkies thinking? Voyager was a great show, the ending was truly cinematic, grand, appropriate for the series, and then...
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    Season 4 Is mid-season 4 a cliffhanger?

    Has anyone heard if this season will have a cliffhanger ending, I've come to love them! season 1-Your mother was KGB season 2-emily is alive, and fall of SD-6 a bit later. season 3-the truth about the missing two years, and Lauren is evil. They were great! Hope season 4 is as good!
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    Ultimate Alias Quiz!

    A quick game for all Alias fans. :D Rules: Answer question posted most recently, and ask another. Try to make them challenging! :blink: We're all serious fans afterall!! First question: What was the new identidy of Ineni Hassan from the episode Spirit??
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    What college are you in?

    I'm in Trinity College in Dublin. I just started in september and I love it :D , I'm gonna try and set up an Alias society!!
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    A character has to go?

    Sometimes a show can get too full, too many characters to get enough screen time for each of them, and someone has to go-fortunatly this is not the case with Alias!! It happened in Smallville with Pete, Kes in Star Trek Voyager.... If that dark day came and you had to give someone the chop...
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    Favourite villian!?

    Okay season 3 wasn't great, but for me the biggest letdown was that in the end, Sloane wasn't revealed as super villian again. He's lost his spark. He's not that interesting now, just obsessed with the Rambaldi thing. I had hope when he had Lindsey killed, but now Anna Espinosa has re-claimed...
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    What's on your Alias christmas list?

    Okay, it's a little soon to be thinking about christmas, but before you know it, halloween will be over, and all of us Alias fans will be thinking about expanding our collections of Alias merchandise!! On my christmas Alias list is... Alias season 3 DVD- if prayers are answered and it gets it's...
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    Alias and...

    Alias is simply the best show on TV-in fact it should be on the big screen, it's that huge! However until that glorious day arrives when we sit down to watch Alias: The Movie- (we need to work on that title) my favourite movie would be Star Wars. It's so great. The action, the adventure. Now...
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    Favourite torture scene?

    Torture scenes creep us out sometimes(Syd's in conscious was truly spine chilling!!). They can be really funny. 'E M E T I B..Got that? 'Yes'... ..okay...reverse it (BITE ME)' What's your favourite torture scene? Was it Jack, two weeks in a row? -The Getaway, Phase One. Poor Syd's rough year...
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    Season 3 Is Suit and Glasses dead?

    When we saw Legacy, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief. Suit and Glasses had returned, J.J. Abrams said he would be back and was really great. Personally I thought this was one of his best apperances. Why you say? Well really because of Syd and her line 'I'm sure you can make an exception...
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    Season 4 If Olivia Reed returned

    Season 3 ended without the capture/death of Olivia-the cold blooded killer mother of Lauren Reed. Personally I found Lauren's storyline much more tense when Olivia came on the scene. Somehow Olivia was more acceptable as a spy than Lauren. Melissa George was a great actress, but when Lauren was...
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    Season 2 Why could Syd not tell Francie the truth?

    Something still bothers me about the fall of SD-6. Why did Syd still have to lie to Francie about her real job? SD-6 and the Alliance were gone, no more undercover work, but she didn't tell her the truth about working for the CIA.
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    Season 4 Resurrection of Lauren

    I've been hearing hints that Melissa George is being asked to reprise her role from season 3. Sounds good since I don't think Vaughn truly got past his rage at her-the whole shooting her dead thing!-would be good if he got closure. Of course, on Alias, just because she was shot several times...
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    What's LOST like?

    For us deprived people in Europe who haven't seen LOST yet, and won't until January 05, can you sum it up in one (ish..) lines? Most importantly what's it like, does it live up to the high standard of Alias!!??
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    How did you get into Alias?

    I started watching alias when season 2 aired on sky one in the UK. I was mid way through season 3 when my cousin came to visit. She was hooked after watching 'truth be told'. She took home my season 1 DVD collection-still waiting for it's return!!-and watched it in a week! Now she's coming...
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    Jack's so deep!

    Jack's so mysterious, particularly since the season 3 cliffhanger! Anyone got a favourite line that made your spine chill? My favourite is Jack to Sloane in season 3 episode 2- 'I'm going to bury you.'
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    Alias season 3 DVD

    Has anyone heard if the third season of Alias is coming out on Region 2 DVD?? Season 2 was released in June '04. I think that's a long enough wait!
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    Season 3 Why did Katya try to kill Syd?

    Katya tried to kill Syd! Whatever Jack was up to, it's likely not including arranging his daughter's death. So my question is why would Katya do that? Or who told her to do so? My theory-Irina and Katya are trying to prevent Rambaldi's prophecy-'the chosen one and the passenger will battle...
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