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  1. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Stormrunner (An Aston West Novella)

    Been a while since I had a new title, but my newest is now available over on Amazon. Stormrunner is the third Aston West novella (no order to them), outside of the regular Aston West series. Stormrunner Trapped by a storm and running for his life. Space pirate Aston West must take a...
  2. astonwest

    Drama You, Me, and the Apocalypse

    Just finished watching what I assume is the series (and season) finale of this show. It was a quirky show that went off the rails many episodes ago, but I kept watching, like a train wreck. Plenty of plot threads throughout that finally came to closure. Unfortunately, the very ending of the show...
  3. astonwest

    ALL GOOD THINGS, Aston West #4

    Odd, I thought that I had already posted about this, but guess not... So, it's been a while since I've had a full-blown Aston novel out (even if it hasn't seemed like it, with all of the short story collections, novellas, and such). But yes, my third Aston novel (Death Brings Victory) came out...
  4. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Killjoys (SyFy)

    I searched for a thread about this show, but didn't see anything...hopefully I didn't just miss it somehow. This one took a few episodes to catch my interest, but it grew on me. A bit much on the adult-side with the relationships and all, but space-based bounty hunters are always good in my...
  5. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Dirty Dozen

    Just wanted to pop in and mention that I have a new collection of Aston West short stories out, in my new Dirty Dozen collection. For those who've already picked up all four of my e-book only Triple-Shots, then the new collection won't benefit you, but I had plenty of folks asking for paperback...
  6. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Fallen, An Aston West Novella

    Hot off the presses, my new Aston West novella Fallen is now available for the Kindle. Enjoy! Space pirate Aston West knows all about getting caught in interstellar crossfire and trying to escape from his enemies. But in his latest escapade, he discovers that even the best plans don't always...
  7. astonwest

    Sci-Fi The Cure

    Although not technically an Aston West novel (although it does come into play in my upcoming novel Life and Death), The Cure is one of my favorites...and for the next few days, is being discounted over on Amazon. Enjoy! Vetrasian scientist Mila Groso built a career out of developing cures for...
  8. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Ascension (SyFY)

    Did anyone else catch this three-part series on SyFy?
  9. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Divergent (movie trilogy)

    Watched this one without having read the book (ironically, began reading a sample of the book later). Thought it was an okay film, although it pretty much follows the same theme I've seen in most of the other dystopian teen films, and was fairly predictable in all aspects.
  10. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Friends in Deed (Re-Release)

    Sorry to have been so absent as of late, but working on two new releases (my novella Fallen, and my next novel Resurrection) that I'm hoping to have out the first half of this year. And then my contract came due for my second novel, Friends in Deed. I've revamped it a bit, and the new version is...
  11. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell

    Have just finished the third book in this series, after previously reading the first two based on a recommendation from someone at work. Enjoying it thoroughly. The third one (Courageous) seemed to move at a lot faster pace than the others, and seemed to be a lot heavier on the military craft...
  12. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Downtrodden & Other Adventures

    Just wanted to pop in and announce my latest Triple-Shot, featuring space pirate Aston West in three brand-new short story adventures, all for under a buck...more info on my Facebook Fan Page. And of course, what would an announcement be without a little cover art love and a blurb? Continue...
  13. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Kick-Ass 2

    Has anyone seen this one? I enjoyed the first one thoroughly, but worry this one will fall short...
  14. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Revolution (NBC)

    Has anyone else seen this new show from NBC? I've only caught the first two episodes (third's on the DVR, waiting)...myself, I think it has some good stuff, but just hasn't won me over. Still reserving final judgment for a few more episodes... What does everyone else think?
  15. astonwest

    Death Brings Victory

    Wanted to stop in and mention that my new Aston West novel (the third "in-the-series" novel) Death Brings Victory is now officially released... (Any way to re-size an image file?) Space pirate Aston West just escaped death at the pair of psychotic twin brothers, only to take refuge in a...
  16. astonwest

    A Double-Sale For February Only

    Was pleased to find out from my publishers that two of my books have been placed on sale for 99 cents, through the end of this month. First, my second novel Friends in Deed: Aston West was condemned to life on the prison planet Lycus IV for spitting in a manโ€™s face. Being forced to reside...
  17. astonwest

    "Sweet Embrace"

    Hard at work putting the finishing touches on the latest Aston West novel (Death Brings the Victory), but wanted to stop in and let everyone know that my latest Aston West short story "Sweet Embrace" was now up over at Mindflights. A free read...enjoy! I do love the blurb they posted up for it:
  18. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Triple-Shots of Aston West

    So, I was bantering about inside the head of mine, and decided to come up with a series of releases featuring my space pirate Aston West, all with three short stories in one neat package for under a buck. So, the first of those Triple-Shots is now up for sale over at Amazon and Smashwords...
  19. astonwest

    Book Giveaway on Goodreads

    For those interested in free books, I'm giving away three signed print copies of my latest book THE CURE over on Goodreads. Get over there and enter before September 23. And if you don't want to mess around with signing up for free ones, THE CURE is now available over at Amazon as well (pick...
  20. astonwest

    Deadly Decisions

    Just found out today that the new issue of Lorelei Signal is out, and my story "Deadly Decisions" is available to read for free! Enjoy!
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