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    New Moon

    This book should be coming out soon about a month. It is the sequel to Twilight and I was wondering if anyone else was anticipating this as much as me.
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    Stepping/ Step Teams

    I'm on a Step Team and was wondering if anyone else was on one. My step team has guys and girls (from ages 17 to 28) and have won a lot of trophy's and competed in a lot of Step Competittions. I'm the only white guy on the team but love it and have a lot of friends on the team.
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    Saw 3!

    I just saw the poster for Saw 3 and it looks freaky. Check it out at this link
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    Horror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    I saw the original and loved it, I saw the remake and loved it, and a few days ago I saw the trailer to this and already love it! This movie looks so good and I am counting the days until it comes out. You can go to the official site to watch the trailer but it only shows from 10:00 pm through...
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    Leatherface vs. Jason

    This fic is rated R for Language, Violence, gore, and just plain terror. I do not own any aspect of TCM or F13th. Prologue October 31, 2005 The light from the moon illuminated the path in the forest. The path that had seen quiet and peaceful times was now seeing something not so peaceful. The...
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    Hello... again

    I'm not new but I haven't been on in a while. I just felt like saying hi again so more people could get to know me an let everyone know that I am still an AllAlias member.
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    Leatherface vs Jason

    This is my first GOOD fic. I have worked on this as much as possible and already have 40 hard worked pages. I will try to post them ASAP. I will probably post it next sunday. Thanx for checking this out. :D If you are interested pm me for more info.
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    I was just wondering if anyone else has read this. It is fairly new and a wonderful book. I usually don't read anything that doesn't have to do with a game, tv show, or a movie but this just appealed to me. Check it out sometime if you haven't read it. :up: :up:
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    Season 5 somebody naked in next episode?

    ock-a-Doodle-Doo! This very week, David Anders is once again back on the Alias set--at least, that's what I'm hearing from a few trusty spies who've never steered me wrong before. I'm also hearing that very soon, Alias' best baddie ever will be doing the horizontal hokeypokey with not one but...
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    Remember Aaliyah

    I really liked "Are you that somebody?" by Aaliyah and I just wondered if anybody else liked her.
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    Melissa George not back for season 4!

    TV Guide Online: Many fans were thrilled when Vaughn (Michael Vartan) shot his wicked wife Lauren (Melissa George) in last May's finale. Is she really dead? J.J. Abrams: Melissa is not coming back at the moment. I know some fans were frustrated, but I'm ultimately proud of last year. I'm being...
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    I want to see it but i dont have time yet. Can somebody tell me if it's really good. I'm gonna see it anyway though.
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    What is the type of economy in Bosnia?

    Hi can you tell me the type of economy thanks.
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    Death in Liberty City

    Ok this will start soon but i know if you read the old one it was horrible so i made a new version so once i post it i hope you like it.
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    Leatherface Vs Creeper

    Leatherface vs Creeper Rated R for Strong Horror Violence, blood,Language, Sexual content and some brief nudity. In process March 26th 2004 Texas... "When is this bus finally gonna take off?" Chris asked "At this rate it will take forever" Bryan said. "So you and Newt broke up?" Kristen asked...
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    Jason vs Creeper

    ok here's my title page Jason vs Creeper Rated R for strong horror violence,Language,gore and some sexuality Co writer Alias fan 14 (Bryan) He Alias fan 14 going to post the 1st chap thanks bye
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    How do I make a forum for free

    I want to make a forum, like ALLALIAS, for free. Anyone know how I can? Please help. Thanx
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    Where do you go to school where d oyou work d oyou hate it or love it.
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    How me and MV look alike

    My avataur looks almost exactly like me its 1 of the 2 pictures of MV that look like me
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    How me and MV look alike

    My avataur looks almost exactly like me its 1 of the 2 pictures of MV that look like me
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