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    F3AR Trailer

    this is just frackin creepy
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    Halo Reach Live action trailer

    yay more reach goodness
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    Blast From Halo 2's Past

    even if it is old as all hell this will never be to old to watch it is great and what do you guys think?
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    Favorite Halo 2 Moments

    So halo 2 is going down but that dont mean we cant tell some good stories about it so this is for the best moments in halo 2 you have had it does not matter if they are online or if they are in campaign or with a friend or two on a lan party EX and my favorite moment in halo 2: was when i was...
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    Halo Reach Classes

    So bungie has released the classes that we can use in it what are you all going to use the most and least and what you hate the most?
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    Favorite Halo weapons

    so what is everyone favorites guns and stuff like that from the halo series? (everything that you can kill with counts) mine is the sniper or the laser
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