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    Season 5 Spoilers from new Alias commercial

    I saw a longer teaser commercial for the finale. I believe I remember most of it, though I may get a few quotes, wrong, I believe this was the gist of it...It showed a lot of the same scenes as the teaser after the last episodes, except it also showed Vaughn calling after Syd in the Rotunda...
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    "I'm not being a husband to her."

    After the scene that followed (and ruined!) the scene we were all waiting for... "I guess we're not getting that coffee then, huh?" "No we're not." "Okay. I'm going to go..." "Sydney..." The next day, in the Rotunda... All of the regular CIA officers are together in the meeting...
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    Redeeming Vaughn: Faith

    I wrote this mainly because I haven’t liked how wishy-washy Vaughn has been this season, and I so am redeeming him by writing the conversation I think both Sydney and Vaughn deserve. The first part would happen within the week after they got back from North Korea. The second part is based on...
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    Season 3 Why kill Vaughn and Syd?

    Ok, if I've got this straight, the Covenant wanted to have Vaughn and Syd killed, simply for the fact that they were going to transport the man they were supposed to get in North Korea. But why wouldn't the Covenant just stop them? Why, after all of this time, would they kill them, as they are...
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    Story idea

    Hi, I wrote this awhile ago (before the last show we saw when Lauren kills Lazarey) and I kind of wanted to show it. I haven't ever posted fan fiction and this is the only one I"ve written, so I don't know if I will continue it, but here it is. I also wasn't sure how to post it, so I just...
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