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    Season 4 Alias Ratings for 1/5/04

    This from Mediaweek- "In more positive news for ABC, Lost (#1: 13.8/20; Viewers: #1: 21.46 million; A18-49: #1: 8.4/21 at 8 p.m.) and the two-hour fourth-season premiere of Alias (#1 overall: 11.3/16; Viewers: #1 overall, 16.05 million; A18-49: #1 in every half-hour, 6.7/16 from 9-11 p.m.) led...
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    Alias Ratings for 12/7

    Mediaweek- ABC moved into the number two spot overall in the overnights with its line-up of America's Funniest Home Videos (#2: 5.7/ 9), 10-8 (#3: 6.0/ 9), Alias (#2: 7.1/10) and The Practice (#2: 7.3/10). To those wondering how the revamped Practice is doing this season, consistent albeit...
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    NEW Victor Garber Interview

    From Variously Victor: "hey, isn't that ...?" The many aliases of Emmy nominee Victor Garber by Jenelle Riley For those who know Victor Garber only as emotionally isolated spy/father Jack Bristow on the series let's for a moment discuss range. Among the many roles Garber has...
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    Interview with Bob Orci (SPOILERS!)

    From This has been the hardest year the writers have had to put together, according to executive producer Bob Orci. "I mean, I thought the last years were hard. This year is really hard. In a way, we know where we're going. Normally, when you do a puzzle you would come up with a...
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    Alias The Best of the Spy Shows

    From The Boston Globe- Spy vs. spy Ticking clock or kicking jocks? In TV's espionage sweepstakes, 'Alias' has the excitement that '24' has frittered away By Matthew Gilbert, Globe Staff, 11/16/2003 Let's get real. Sure, "24" is the CIA drama that gets all the buzz, but "Alias," so audacious...
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    Alias Ratings for 11/30

    From Mediaweek- On ABC, it was Sunday business as usual with its combination of America's Funniest Home Videos (#3: 5.4/ 8), 10-8 (#4: 5.1/ 8), Alias (#3: 6.8/10) and The Practice (#2: 8.9/14). Kiki's Commentary: I say this is pretty good news for Alias. The ratings seem to be holding...
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    Alias Ratings for 11/9

    From Mediaweek- Opposite the two made-fors, ABC's Alias (#3: 7.1/10) and The Practice (#3: 8.5/14) were both above average. Kiki's Commentary: Good news for Alias! Against tough competition on both CBS and NBC, Alias held up well.
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    Alias Ratings 10/12

    From Zap2it- ABC was third with the 5.7/9 for "Alias," beating the ending of "Varsity Blues" on FOX. Kiki's Commentary: Not great, but could have been worse. Althought the ratings have been less than stellar, those for most of ABC's new dramas have been even worse, so I wouldn't worry about...
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    Alias Ratings for 10/5

    From Zap2It- At 9 p.m., "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" gave NBC a win with a 9.4/14. FOX stayed in second with the Cubs-Braves game, and the CBS movie "Blessings," 7.9/11, was third. "Alias," 6.2/9, was fourth for ABC. The premiere of "Tarzan," 3.2/5, didn't set too many hearts aflutter...
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    Season 3 Alias Ratings for 9/28

    From Mediaweek- Mediaweek called last night's ratings for Alias "disappointing" although it wasn't listed in the "losers" category. Here's what they had to say: "On ABC, season three of the demographically driven Alias kicked off with a disappointing 7.5/10 -- 12 percent below its year ago...
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    The DaVinci Code Discussion

    Discuss the DaVinci Code here!!
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    Vote for Book Club Book #2!

    Here is a summary of each choice, kindly contributed by the member who suggested it. The Da Vinci Code Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor of symbology who can't stay out of trouble. Last seen in Angels and Demons (2000), this mild-mannered academic finds himself entangled in a deadly...
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    Win Jen's Emmy Dress on eBay!

    From Emmy Fashions Up for Sale Sep 18, 6:53 AM EST Associated Press Jennifer Aniston and Edie Falco won't just look good at Sunday's Emmy Awards. They'll be doing good, too. Gowns worn by the actresses and other TV stars at the ceremony or other awards shows will be auctioned for...
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    Talk About The Princess Bride, Book Club Book #1

    Here is the official thread where you can now discuss The Princess Bride. If you came to this forum but are not done with the book you should not read on as the book will be spoiled for at your own risk! :) Have fun everyone! Kiki
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    Alias in SciFi Magazine

    From Alias Media- Alias is featured in the October issue of SciFi Magazine. Here is the cover:
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    Watch with Kristin Chat

    From E! Online- SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! lucka2k writes "From Susan: Just remember you heard it here first: I think Sydney had a baby. When she woke up, she looked at some kind of scar on her abdomen--think C-section. What if she was inseminated and gave birth to some evil child...
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    The Movie Forum Critics' Corner!

    HI! Due to the request of some creative movie forum users, especially Nad, I have decided to start the movie forum's new Critics' Corner. Here you can post and read review of popular movies. Here are the guidelines for this forum: 1. Do not post major spoilers about any movie as movie reviews...
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    Alias Season 2 DVD Extras!

    Thanks to ryancrow15 for this article. More Action, More Drama From The Hottest Show On TV! LOADS of Bonus Materials Take Viewers Into The Incredible World Of 'Alias' And Its Star Jennifer Garner Preorder the Alias Season 2 DVD for 25% off plus free shipping and support
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    Vote For The First AllAlias Book Club Selection!

    Voting will run for 2 days.
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    Win a Trip to the Set of Alias!

    From- Click on the link above to win a trip to the set of Alias! You must be 18 or older to enter.
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