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  1. Yhadii

    I love this site!

    Not Needed
  2. Yhadii

    Request Andypar Signature Request

    Looks good.. Nice work
  3. Yhadii

    PS3 or Xbox ?

    Idk maybe the one who is *****ing about everything acting like a girl.. Cough Skimy. cough.
  4. Yhadii

    PS3 or Xbox ?

    Even though you don't know who I was directing that to. :claps: So how about you don't worry about it.
  5. Yhadii

    PS3 or Xbox ?

    Ok ladies calm down now. It was just a little arguement. Obviously some people can not dissagree without getting out of hand. **Sigh** maturity these days is rare.
  6. Yhadii

    What Size feet do you have (UK sizes)

    i wear size 10 american.. my friend wear size 16 1/2 in american and hes a freshmen in highschool.. hes ab 6'7
  7. Yhadii

    PS3 or Xbox ?

    But yea end of discussion xbox is more competitive. i have both as well. and its not even close. Xbox 360 FTW
  8. Yhadii

    Never Back down

    yup i agree the music is good in that movie. Great movie as well someday - by Flipsyde
  9. Yhadii

    C & C My shiny red ball

    way way way nicer..
  10. Yhadii

    Official: Member Pictures!

    ya tha person who took tha pic took it right as i was going up..
  11. Yhadii

    Request Yhadii logo Pick Up

    Wow.Deff one of the best logos ive gotten from this site.. thank you very much looks amazing.
  12. Yhadii

    Request GB logo and avy

    Size (No bigger than 400x300): 300 x 200 and 64x64 Text: kRuPt <- logo Sub-Text: K <- avy Game/Render requested (post links): non Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice) maybe like a dark brownish black color.. but have the txt for the kRuPt be in white font.. thank...
  13. Yhadii

    PS3 or Xbox ?

    nah w35tbrook is right. if u wanna play competively do NOT buy the ps3. xbox is where its at for that kind of stuff.
  14. Yhadii

    This is Sparta, lol.

    haha ya like tha beat.. cool find.
  15. Yhadii

    Request QS - RLG Pickup

    Yah all of them look really nice.. I like the txt that has all caps tho. not so much the lower caps. but ya nice job!
  16. Yhadii

    Request Ball or Fall - Str@!ght*/2appen (Version 1)

    I guess its just... @lL 4 t[-]3 L0oKz M4|\|
  17. Yhadii

    ShaFtiaN is back

    i remember u scrubb.. u made my captain america sig ;p... yaaaaayy welcome backk
  18. Yhadii

    Just got a 360...

    well need for speed undercover just came out and i love that!!.. so u gotta get that if u like street racing... um for GOW2, i personally dont like 3rd person shooters so i cant say i like them. but I know thats probably one of the hottest games out right now and I'd buy that if i were you. u...
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