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    Sympathy and Condolences to Victor

    From our SD-1.Net friend Espion Jack: Our EspionJack found the obituary / death notice for Mrs. Hope (Wolf) Garber in the on-line newspaper London (Ontario Canada) Free Press: :cry: Dear DeputyDirector, please pass on the condolences and sympathies of the Alias fans to Mr. Victor Garber and...
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    Officiates at marriage ceremonies?

    Supposedly, our Mr. Victor Garber acted to officiate at the wedding of one of his Alias co-stars last week . . . how cute and devoted a friend he is! The stories seem to imply that this was a one-day, one-time licensing, though - perhaps the co-stars will tease him about really having been...
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    SD-1.Net Refugees - the old h<o>me gang

    Hey cuties! I'll go try to invite our h<o>me-ies to join us here! We need to be able to see phillica's costume, and tredder's baby llama pictures . . . *hug*!! - mouse
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