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    Joseph Hurtgen

    Hi, soupers! I'm Joseph Hurtgen, a published author and PhD, specializing in science fiction literature. I write and blog about science fiction. I most frequently analyze SF novels but also discuss movies and other popular culture from time to time. I live in Kentucky and teach college...
  2. joseph hurtgen

    Free e-Books

    Tower Defender is free on Amazon. Sally Riggs, ex-spacer military attaché, and Robert Holdforth, a renowned inventor, meet while in deparole therapy, the removal of language to reduce connection to traumatic memory. For therapy, they play Tower Defender, a video game relying on a quick trigger...
  3. joseph hurtgen

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Considering China's current coronavirus scare, Cold Storage by David Koepp might be of interest. It follows the development of an aggressive fungus that can kills its host within mere minutes. I reviewed the book here.
  4. joseph hurtgen

    Tower Defender

    Hi, all! I would love to hear your thoughts on my first science fiction novel, Tower Defender. That link goes to Amazon, where you can download the eBook version for free. The book is cyberpunk sci-fi and is about 80,000 words. It includes virtual reality gaming, drugs that allow the mind...
  5. joseph hurtgen

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Margaret Weis is amazing. I'm reading The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven.
  6. joseph hurtgen

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Cory Doctorow's Radicalized is the best thing I've read recently: 4 amazing novellas. I wrote up a piece on it for Rapid Transmission Blog. Cory Doctorow's Radicalized and Audience Awareness
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