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    Show Support for 'Catch and Release' on IMDB...

    We should all show our support for Jennifer in her new movie, by giving the movie a 10! I haven't seen it but I still gave it a 10, high ratings always look good, especially since IMDB is a very popular site worldwide.
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    The Passion on DVD

    Its coming to dvd on August 31! Im so excited since i didnt get to see it in theaters. Here some info here and here
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    The Yahoo! movie page for the movie is here, and the trailer is pretty incredible! Check it out! here
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    Kill Bill

    The trailer is here I havent seen the first part, but I want to really bad! It comes out on DVD on April 13. The second part seems good though!
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    The Female Forum Ruled by the Males

    Females, i made you a new forum... under the Male supervision :up: :lol:
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    The Passion of the Christ

    The film is rated 'R' for sequences of graphic violence. 3 Reviews were posted at a site and all were overly pleased with the film. Billy Graham's Review Don Hodel, President of Focus on the Family Archbishop John Foley You shouldn't base your opinion of the movie on newspaper reviewers...
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    Van Helsing

    This movie looks really cool, it stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale and has lots of dracule, wolfman and frankenstein action! the trailer is here
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    New Passion of the Christ Trailer!

    Im getting more excited to see this movie all the time! The link is here The movie comes out on February 25, 2004!
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    A Cinderella Story

    I've watched the trailer over 5 times and it is so funny! Trailer
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    Jens's Another Hottie!

    Jennifer ranks #13 in VH1's The Greastest 100 Hottest Hotties!! Go Jen! Link Here
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    Which movie tops your must-see list for February?

    The Passion of the Christ most definitly! i got this poll from!
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    Jennifer #10 Hottest of 2003

    link hereYay! Go Jennifer! She was entitled the #10 hottest of 2003 by Yahoo!
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    Where Do You Live?

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    The Male Forum

    I doubt this topic will be a big hit, because this forum is the ocean of females and the puddle of males. But yeah, i felt like it.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I havent opened any yet b/c it takes my family hours to make it into the living room. UGH. Well Merry Christmas!
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    TV Gal Picks the Best of 2003

    Best reason to stay home on Sunday: "Alias." Best geek: Marshall on "Alias." Best unrequited, then requited, then unrequited again love: Sydney and Vaughn on "Alias." Best fight: Sydney vs. Faux Francie on "Alias." Whole article here' Go Alias!
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    How long is your holiday vacation?

    Mine is 2 full weeks b/c Christmas and New Years are smack dab in the middle of the week...... anyone else???
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    Random 173!

    This is my first Random topic! :cool: Random 172
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    Snow Day!

    Its a snow day here!!! HAHA TO YOU ALL AT SCHOOL! :lol:
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    Whats that song?

    I didnt think if i put it in the 'Firebomb' section it would get any attention. So, whats that song at the end of the ep. where Sydney walks over to Dixon and tells him her thanks? The beginning lyrics are: "Take your eyes off me, theres nothing they'll see, trying to keep my head together"
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