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  1. fg. dook

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad - blessthefall
  2. fg. dook

    C & C Simple xGx

    I ment brighter Bolder colours.
  3. fg. dook

    C & C Simple xGx

    Really nice man. I personally like more colour, a bit brighter etc but sweet! :)
  4. fg. dook

    C & C Flegfx 3d in Cinema4d

    I see it and im on firefox! Very nice dude! :D
  5. fg. dook

    C & C Devilseries

    Really nice. Mcmana are u blind? I can see it perfectly fine!
  6. fg. dook

    C & C Devilseries Project - Boyd

    Nice man. You can go many different directions with that! :D Keep us updated!
  7. fg. dook

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    ^^ TUNE! Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die - Four Year Strong
  8. fg. dook

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Ill Go Until My Heart Stops - 36 Crazyfists
  9. fg. dook

    C & C Guy in a Suit

    Awsum sig. like u say vocal is a bit lost but still well sweet! :)
  10. fg. dook

    Tutorial [PS: TUT] "©09 OmniSpirit ASH"

    Awsum thanks for the share. Looks pretty mint!
  11. fg. dook

    C & C Micheal Scofield

    nice man. I would try a small like 2px border and maby some text. Brill job! :)
  12. fg. dook

    250gb File Hosting

    Cheers mate, ive signed up! :)
  13. fg. dook

    i return.

    Nice what you got so far mate. I would change the font that links to the forum tbh. Make it small and white! :)
  14. fg. dook

    1000+ Posts

    ZOMG, what u wanna medal? **cock muncher** <3
  15. fg. dook

    C & C The Runaway

    Awsum mate. Really like the right hand side, good use of borders! :D
  16. fg. dook

    i return.

    Welcome dude! Good to see an old face back! :)
  17. fg. dook


    ahaha. Cambridge - uk :) 5.11 < mabes 6'' now! :) Size 11 feet! Im sexual! :)
  18. fg. dook

    PlayStation 3 Slimline

    360 all the way boyos!
  19. fg. dook


    Welcome mate. Need any help hit me up! :)
  20. fg. dook

    C & C zach

    Sweet V2 is really good. Way better love the light strip going around him! Brill job! :)
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