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    Who thinks Walt is Creepy?

    He's creepy.... lol
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    Rock Bands and Eyeliner

    OK so this is sort of off topic but not really has anyone noticed a frequent usage of Eyeliner amongst rock bands. EX. Franz Ferdinand The Killers Good Charlette Green Day The Cure more if there are Reminds me of POTC and JD...Johnny Depp
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    Who Knew?

    Okay well it was funny cause I was flipping through the channels and I stopped at the tech tv/g4 channel because this show called players was on but it was funny cause the whole show was dedicated to the Alias Game and it went backstage with the Alias crew like JJ and some of the writers as they...
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    Character Cut Off

    It is rumoured that at the end of Lost's first season...(at first it was one) but now there will be two characters dying. Who do you want to die? Who do you not want to die?
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    Drama Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

    I saw this on the preview thing on the I, Robot DVD....IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD. TWO GREAT ACTORS. One, Brad Pitt, majorly hot. Um... This is what I gather about the movie's plot. Both of them are deadly assasins that are married and don't know about eachother's job. They find out and try and kill...
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    Starring Jet Li This movie looks really cool...I want to see it
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    Ned Kelley

    Ok I rented this movie for two reasons 1) Orli and Heath Ledger 2) I thought it was an action movie I am a huge action movie person though being a girly girl barely anyone expects that of me. I usually don't rave on drama movies cause that's not my thing...drama movies not raving lol not...
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    My Kind of Rock

    What is your favorite rock,ska,punk, emo rock, heavy metal bands? I have a couple, few, group LOL Hoobastank Incubus Red Hot Chili Peppers Reevis Audioslave Aerosmith Metallica 311 Offspring White Stripes A Perfect Circle Lost Prophets I know there are more I just don't remember right now
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    General Discussion

    WHEN ARE THE NEW EPSIODES?! I hate this viewers pick thing .... I mean I already watched all the episodes ...
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    Ned Kelly

    Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger Being bad never looked so good
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    Drama Intermission

    With Colin Farrell Looks like the guy from 28 days. Its about a guy, Colin Farrell, who is a criminal and wants to settle down.
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    Don't Look Back

    This fan fic inspired by Alias not about it. Main Character: Riley Alexia McKayden (Ri, Alex,lexi, k) Introduction: The Future. An unpredictable awaited life we all look forward to. Riley, a do antyhing and everything field agent puts her life on the line to save people steal things and kill...
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    Secret Window

    Johnny Depp Scary Dude Writing a book yep sounds to me lke an interesting movie
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    A few of my favorite things

    Exactly what the title says. LIFE. PEOPLE. when they're nice jk PANDAS. POTATOES. ALIAS. THE OC. SMALLVILLE. FOOD. A HOUSE. AN EDUCATION. well i just hope u use this to remember me by when im not here. not as dead i already went through that just like not here on the forum. lol
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    Scratch That

    OK First i would like to say when some1's already crying and upset it doesn't give u right to say something to make that person even more upset! i'm sry if people felt i was rude and abnoxious and "snapping back at friends" but ME as a friend was trying to reach out and try to talk to the...
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    Random 193

    Random 192 I won't post that much that often here because I don't have that much interest here. because of certain reasons. if u want to know why email or PM me but I will be other places if u know me then u know where those places are CPU A2A AIM EMAIL and LIVE JOURNAL have fun u guys
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    Politics LOVE...

    WE all have a heart don't we they can get broken people.... love what's it mean to u
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    Season 3 Weiss... the look

    I felt sorry for him i mean when they were all standing there being briefed and he was like is there something between u 2 going on and vaughn was like nothing.... poor weiss
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    Something About You

    Personality maybe... make me more smarter LOL
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    Season 3 Sark and Lauren...

    I THINK THEY COULD! i mean, she is kinda conning Vaughn for covenant purposes possibly so why not be related.
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