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    Do you believe that movies affect a person?

    I was wondering what everyone thought on this subject: do/ can movies affect a person's emotions and the way they are? I'm doing a project and I was just wondering what people from other parts of the country thought as opposed to just my town. Thanks for posting!
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    Ron In Chicago

    Did you gusy know that Ron Rifkin was in Chicago The Musical? I have the cd and just noticed he was on it haha.
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    Season Two DVD

    I wanna know when the Season 2 DVD comes out! Someone help me out please!
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    Programs For Ripping DVDs and Making Videos

    SO I really need a program to rip some clips from dvds I have cause I wanna make music videos....if anyone would help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Ben Affleck Is A Harry Potter Fan!

    Ben Reading The Half-Blood Prince Ben is a Harry Potter fan!! Yaya!!
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    Politics Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

    I had my heart broken tonight...I wanted to know what other people felt? Thanks!
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    Season 4 Best Quote From This Episode...

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    Season 5 My Theory About Rambaldi Stuff

    So....this might sound crazy but here is my theory about some of the people conected to Rambaldi... So when Irina was tlaking to Jack about Nadia she said "I wonder where she got that from..." and she looked at Jack now it could have been nothing but it sort of looked like she was saying that...
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    Season 4 Worst Cliffhanger Yet?

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    Season 4 Is Sloane Really Bad?

    I'm wondering if Sloane is really bad. I'm thinking so but I'm just wondering what everyone else seems to think. SO next season will it be Sloane and Yelena Vs. Syd, Jack, Nadia, Irina, & Vaughn? I don't know?! Haha
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    Season 4 I Missed This Episode

    My friend was supposed to tape this for me becasue I had a choir concert and she didn't do it right and now I don't have the episode!!! I need clips really bad!! so I was wondering if there was anyone who knew where I could get clips or if anyone had them and could send them to me..I would be...
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    I thoguht I would make a thread for all of those writers out there....or even if you arent a writer but have written poem....If you wanna share them I'm sure we would all like to read them!! Have fun!
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    What Jennifer Garner Movies Do You Own!

    List the Jennifer Garner Movies You Own! I'm on my way to getting more soon but for now: Pearl Harbor Alias Season 1 Alias Season 2 Alias Season 3 Alias Season 4 (I taped them!) Daredevil Elektra 13 Going On 30 Catch Me If You Can Rosehill Dude Where's My Car
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    Need Help For Ideas!

    I'm either going to make my lisence plate Alias, Harry Potter, Wicked, or something with I need ideas for it!! Please give me ALias ideas!! and any other good ones if you have them but mostly ALias! Thanks a lot guys you're great! all I have so far is ALIAS...
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    Season 4 How Do You Think They Did The Dead Lauren?

    I was sure just wanted to see what people thought? Sorry if it's a stupid question lol
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    Season 4 The Body Gaurd!

    Ok so the body gaurd who called her Ms. Brigette....did anyone recognize him?! Come On Guys think hard!!! He was the guy in Season 1 that was spying on Sydney and was talking on his cell phone...well fake talking on his cell phone when Sloane is having her followed. She sticks a gun down his...
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    What Did You Think Of Elektra?

    Ok so I thought it was her best role yet! And even though it didn't get good reveiws I thought it was awesome!
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    Ok How Bad Did You Feel For Abby?

    OMG! So I'm watching ER rigt now and Abby is stuck in teh car with those kids who have a gun pointed at her head....this sucks soo bad! I'm scared for her! Thoughts?
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    Season 4 Whose Accent Was The Best?

    Vote! I thought they were all awesome but its between Syd and Vaughn for me...
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    People's Choice Awards Mix-Up?

    Jennifer Garner won an award for Best Hair last night but when you go to the People's Choice Awards Website it says that Kate Hudson won?! Does anyone have any suggestions?
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