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  1. Bazballnut94

    Am I Back?

    NAHHHH!! Probs not lol. But I'm here... again... for now. My main site had a DB error so idk what's going on with that ****..... So I guess I'll end up hanging here for a while. If you haven't been here long enough to know who I am then...... DON'T POST!!! (So pretty mush Silent...
  2. Bazballnut94

    C & C my Junk

    Sup Grb (oops, I mean OPS I Blackmamba), long time no see. You've definitely improved since XG.... Not diggin the scan lines on #1 and #2.... #3 needs focal and lighting work. The manip is pretty nice :)
  3. Bazballnut94

    C & C trying something new

    very LQ, the render is blurry. The focal is the text and that shouldn't be. Not diggin the random shapes.
  4. Bazballnut94

    C & C something else new

    VERY MESSY!! The text also needs to go. There are a few dots on your focal... never cover your focal with anything. Work on compo a lot.
  5. Bazballnut94

    C & C Temps

    OK... just making a suggestion.....
  6. Bazballnut94

    C & C Temps

    You need to fix the banner on that last template. You see where it's supposed to look like the helicopter blades? One of the blades touches the outer border. that should never happen.
  7. Bazballnut94

    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Right Behind You - Tribal Ink
  8. Bazballnut94

    C & C GB logos i made

    ehh.. not bad. Shot in the Dark is your best. Can a mod also move this to Large Art please?
  9. Bazballnut94

    Complete my sentence

    were always playing with toys made by crazy frogs who drink blood with vodka shots that taste like straight booty from ugly disgusting dwarfs who pop zits with chopsticks while licking quickshot in his booty hole which is not clean with boogers that smell like Dookie while looking at manunited's...
  10. Bazballnut94

    C & C Gift for a friend

    Way too much going on. You need to establish a clear focal.
  11. Bazballnut94

    top 3 songs of all time.

    Well it's hard to name 3 but..... Don't Stop by Innerpartysystem (Great Band if you've never heard of them :)) Swing Life Away by Rise Against (No, I didn't ****ing say rage against the machine!!!) Right Behind You by Tribal Ink (Sweedish RapCore band inspired by Linkin Park, Limp...
  12. Bazballnut94

    C & C Kieran123's Sig's!

    I guess you're using GIMP but... You really need to work on blending. The colors in some of your sigs don't go and you really need to work on focal. Some of your sigs don't even have a focal.... So pretty much just work on the basics and read some tuts.
  13. Bazballnut94

    Three Word Story...

    Venezuelan purple midgets
  14. Bazballnut94

    Guess the lyrics

  15. Bazballnut94

    C & C My Work

    That's because it's a WIP (Work In Progress)... It's not finished, it's just what I've done so far.
  16. Bazballnut94

    C & C London Pollution Manip

    Can you post the original stock please? I like the idea though.
  17. Bazballnut94

    C & C Shoot.

    Scrap the border first of all. You also need to work on text focal and lighting a lot. For now, I would just leave out the text.
  18. Bazballnut94

    I'm back!

    thanks for the welcomes everyone :D
  19. Bazballnut94

    C & C My Work

    Thanks man^^^
  20. Bazballnut94

    C & C My Work

    Well i've been inactive for a while so I figured i'd post up my stuff. I haven't made a sig in the past 2 weeks tho lol. Oldest to Newest: Tut^^ WIP^^^
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