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    Season 5 Any Vaughn hints?

    I was thinking the same thing foreshadowing. Foreshadowing about Vaughn is really the only reason I still watch, but if it stops, I don't know if I'll watch anymore, honestly. I appreciated all of Syd's references to Vaughn this episode (bc I was seriously disappointed by the lack...
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    Vaughn's Return

    Since the 1st episode this season, I continue to have a suspicion that Syd knows Vaughn isn't dead. For one, Syd never says he's dead, just "gone" or "not here" (like when she talks to her Dad). She also didn't throw away his magazine, and in the baby store, she says, "He wishes he could do...
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    Season 5 MAJOR NEWS!

    I am very disappointed. I don't completely believe this, but if it's true, I think it's terrible that the S/V fans, like me, will not get the satisfaction of seeing them through the rest of the show (if this is the last season, which it very well may be). After 4 yrs, he dies, and all move on...
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    Season 5 Micheal Vartan

    I for one am fairly certain that he will be back. I have been convinced since I heard about this and I am still convinced. First of all, JJ Abrams said that what happens in the beginning is not what it seems (and that the MV storyline is being blown out of proportion) and MVartan said that...
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    Season 3 Jack in prison

    Freelancer7, I don't know! But I'm glad you bring that up, bc there are so many things that occurred earlier this season that I totally forgot about, that don't make sense. I wonder if they just threw things in there to add suspense and then forgot to explain them. Like we don't really know...
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    Season 3 Lizzy's thoughts

    I was wondering too how Vaughn knew it was Katya...he did look up slightly...he probably heard them talking. I don't understand why Vaughn is always left to be rescued when they tortured him, Lauren just let him die slowly, so he could be rescued...Vaughn's life has hung in the...
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    Season 3 Is Jack Covenant?

    I think Jack is invovled in a lot more than we someone said, why does he have all of those weapons? Didn't Jack say that Sloane gave these to him after all that dream analysis w/ Syd? Or were they his? Anyways, I think he has his own agenda, which Syd may not be proud of him for...
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    Season 3 What if

    SInce it seems the CIA knew more than they let on (according to Lauren) Kendall may have been covering up what Jack knew. When Syd asked if "My dad and Vaughn know" (she's alive), he never says no, she just assumes it when he says he's in deep cover. Right?
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    Season 3 Do you WANT Lauren to be dead or alive?

    I was honestly kind of sad that she died, since she offered information. That's the only reason I wanted her around, bc of the info we now know she has on Syd's life. I also wish we could find out she was programmed and then she can tell Syd how much Vaughn really loved her!
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    Season 3 So were the Finale SPOILERS accurate??

    Along the lines of spoilers, (this is slightly related), I think that it would have been awesome if the promos for the finale would have shown Vaughn putting a gun to Weiss's head...not knowing the context, I would have definetly been thrown through a loop w/ that image!
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    Season 3 Raiders of the Lost Ark

    This whole season has been a little Indiana Jones-esque...JJAbrams must like these movies (remember the box in the cave that Lazeray and Syd found?)
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    Season 3 Too Much Information

    THe finale was predictable. We knew Lauren would have some answers for Syd, though they weren't clear cut. We could guess Sloane and Nadia would go off and stir up some more Rambaldi stuff for them to work on all season. We knew S/V would have a reunion. It did leave alot more unasnwered...
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    Season 3 So were the Finale SPOILERS accurate??

    Vaughn's life was also supposed to be hanging in the balance...MV himself thought this, so this was changed too.
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    Season 3 Hi Honey

    Ok, Vuaghn kind of scared me there, with the "Hi Honey" and then throwing her in the car and tying her up. I literally said, "Not my Vuaghn!" But it did show he had a spine. I was very happy about what he told Lauren and I just hope Syd knows that he said this somehow.
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    Season 3 sarkney moment

    I thought it was funny that Sark made that comment about a Syd head and a Lauren body. Lauren took it rather well, didn't even seem to mind! Also, Syd got their relationship down pretty well in order to act as a reliable Lauren. She even had her facial expressions right. Also, whoever...
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    Season 3 Major Connections

    Hmmm, interesting about Syd being a pawn. Also, wondering, how old would SYd be in 1975? How old is she supposed tobe? I was suriprised they said Vaughn was 35 (I thought more like 30, 31). So is SYd that much younger than him? If she was born in '75, she would be 28. I think she's older...
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    Season 3 Is Jack Covenant?

    I dont think Jack is covenant, like some are saying, they were CIA files signed by him. And it has to be real, as Jack said he didn't want her to find them. As far as Vaughn being invovled is concerned, yeah, he heard the #s, but I doubt he told Jack. Jack knows everything about everybody...
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    Season 3 what lauren said

    That is the most intriguing quote to me this ep. I really hope this is a big discovery made next season. Maybe Lauren is involved w/ Rambaldi somehow. She is bsically saying that she knows neither of them wanted to be in this, but they both are (in the same game). So if Lauren is really...
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    Season 3 Did you like the S/V kiss?

    I loved it, it wasn't as good as the very first one (after taking down SD6) but it was good. It was kind of eerie though. The thing I loved the most was that Vaughn went all that way after getting stabbed that same day and saved her...Syd knows he loves her. PLus, he gave up shooting Lauren...
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    Season 3 Katya = evil

    How did Vaughn know she stabbed him? Did he look up? I don't think she spoke. And why did they leave him like that, instead of taking care of him completely? Why is Vaughn ALWAYS rushed to the hospital, but his torturers never actually manage to kill him? And how did the others find him in...
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