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    New Series: Wolf Canyon

    Anyone else heard of this series? It stars Kevin Sorbo (Hercules/Andromeda). I stumbled upon the facebook site the other day and it looks pretty good. Synopsis seems pretty good too, at least original. Check it out at It's up on IMDB now too...
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    The Remake of V

    No that's fair enough and I agree to an extent. To me it's one thing to take a similar idea and to make it your own, but this just looks like a carbon copy with better CG. And in my opinion, graphics don't make a tv show. But to be fair you're right. A lot of it is how you tell the story.
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    Do You Believe In Extraterrestrial Life?

    I is pretty big
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    Just kidding. I figured I'd be different than the usual "hello" post. Although now I think it's just become lame. Well then... Hi everyone. I'm here. Just browsing, talking. Doing my thing. Pleasure to meet you all
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    Spielberg To Make Facebook For UFO Abductees [The Rising]

    I was going to say...that's pretty smart of him. A) He'll have an audience to promote whatever he wants, and B) he has a pool of ideas/stories to pull from. Too bad whatever he makes won't be that good. *ducks* :P
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    The Remake of V

    Aren't people bored of the idea though? It's been done
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    Review: 2012 - A disaster of a movie (SPOILERS WITHIN!)

    I guess regardless of how much the movie sucked (which it did), they've certainly made their money back and then some. Why do people go out and support bad movies!!! While In The Loop barely gets noticed....such a shame...
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