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  1. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Sci-Fi Beautiful sci fi doll animation

    Beautiful eh? The machine the technician was using was interesting, the animation hmmm.... stop motion perhaps? Lol, it’s got good environment and props.
  2. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Sci-Fi Are you imaginative?

    Imagining the animistic possibilities of art and science is the bread and butter of revealence; with the help of Heavy Metal the A.R. App that with specially illustrated comics reveals what the future of interactive graphic novels can breathe into a utopia of sci-fi equations, is by far the best...
  3. ScrolGloambug9ls

    My Christdember Movie list

    Christmas Vacation, 2, The Christmas Chronicles, Arthur’s Christmas, Ernest Saves Christmas, and Home Alone.
  4. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Politics Conspiracy Theories

    Paredolia- seeing what one wants, when conditions are favorable, yet it’s a matter of perspective. Mindzeye
  5. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Politics The Malthusian Theory
  6. ScrolGloambug9ls

    What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    Whoops I’m starting to bite before I bark so I’d have to suggest a mechanical mechanism of possibility proportions that like the hitchhikers guide to the observable galaxy would retain everything and I mean every possible record of Star Wars entertainment time, space, matter, life, philosophy...
  7. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Horror Buzz

    I have watched that joint but that creature should have been benched, some evils just can’t be reached. Thinking in terms of horror sub-genres I would suggest the three most relevant in classifying it are psychological, drama, and fill in the ___________.
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    a epic med

    “We are all connected biologically” have you heard of Leviathan probe?
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    Library to life.
  10. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Library to life.

    cadet ScrolGloambug9ls smiles
  11. ScrolGloambug9ls


    Kaiba gets it, A Letter to Momo has yokai galore, I think Vampire Hunter D to this day hasn’t failed, and Mind Game’s ramparts are likely to those experiencing Catch 22. 🎎
  12. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Sci-Fi Flicks Lose The "Fi"

    Darwinian adaptation and diversification theoretically proves the future of quantum computers will provide the tesserae of biomechanics that unite the universe with life or viceversa proving that the only possible way to explore the universe is with A.I. speaking of which I agree, that place...
  13. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Sci-Fi Classic Sci-fi

    My personal appreciation of the golden years of sci-fi didn’t coincide with tv until reading the late Arthur C. Clarke (R.I.P.) and realizing the how beyond visions of the future resonate with the junction between screenplay and thespian. If there’s theoretically no uncharted territory to the...
  14. ScrolGloambug9ls

    Forbidden Planet paintings and drawings

    Cadet ScrolGloambug9ls here, if you drawing and sketching these from a slide by hand then I’m impressed, amazing grasp of shading, from a audio artist to a visual artist, labor of love.
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