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    Split Second or Blur?

    Among these two recent racing games which one you like? I like Split 2nd, coz I was waiting for this kind of game (like death race) for a long time..
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    Web Stuff Adsense or Bidvertiser?

    Which one do prefer as publishers network? Adsense: greater money, only check payment Bidvertiser: Less moeny than Adsense, Pays via paypal. I will choose bisvertiser coz i don't have any bank accounts yet :P
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    Web Stuff Best Free Host

    What is the best free host provider in your opinion. According to me its x10hosting.
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    Drama Prince of Persia

    Rate the movie out of 10. I will give it a 7.5/10
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    anurag here. nice forum you have got here. I am loving this..
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