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    The Day After Tomorrow

    I saw the opening of the movie and it was awesome! the visual effects were HUGE and wicked cool! and they do last for more then 10 minutes! way longer than that!
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    The Passion on DVD

    Its coming to dvd on August 31! Im so excited since i didnt get to see it in theaters. Here some info here and here
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    The Yahoo! movie page for the movie is here, and the trailer is pretty incredible! Check it out! here
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    The Passion of the Christ

    the Passion has now made $267,681,000 i doubt it will be the highest grossing movie, it would have to beat Titanic's huge pull-in of $600,788,188 - that was just in the US.
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    The Passion of the Christ

    yeah, just found out i cant see it. but not to worry, theres other ways of seeing it. :ph34r:
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    The Passion of the Christ

    i stil havent seen it! ITS GETTING REALLY ANNOYING!!! And you would think that parents would want their older teens to see it because its about Christ, but nooooooooooooo; and they don't care if you see something else thats worse though!
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    The Passion of the Christ

    you are soooooooo lucky!!!!! Im dying to see this movie, im going to negotiate with my parents!!! :(
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    The Passion of the Christ

    Here is another article, quite interesting about the marketing of the film. HEY! Go to the homepage and check out the new desktops and screen saver!!!!!! :up:
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    Horror Underworld (2003) | Evolution (2006) | Rise of the Lycans (2009) | Endless War (2011) | Awakening (2012) | Blood Wars (2016)

    no one should waste their money on this money, you could watch the trailer for the movie and you would see all the good parts literally.
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    The Passion of the Christ

    thanks for the comment, I agree! 12 more days!
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    The Passion of the Christ

    Ive read from articles that it wasn't anti-semitistic and you should check out Jim Caviezel article and he says Mel was never anti-semitistic and it movie isnt either. Read it here
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    The Passion of the Christ

    Listen to Many Soundtrack Clips Here I really like 'Bearing the Cross' and 'Resurrection,' I can't wait to here the whole thing, its really 'moving' music.
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    The Passion of the Christ

    A new article from Newsweek interviews the man who played Jesus - Jim Caviezel, and he tells how filming went and how Semitic (not anti-semitic) Mel Gibson was. This interview makes me more anxious to see this movie! Read it here
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    Which character would you like to see in X-men 3?

    i love the Xmen but i have no clue who these people are!
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    Mystic River

    i really wanna see this movie!
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    The Passion of the Christ

    the movie comes out 1 month from today! - February 25th! about mary magdalene, i think all character portrayls will be true to the Bible.
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    Horror Hellboy

    i love the little subtitle 'go to tell' lol the movie looks ok, but the guy's costume who plays hellboy looks really fake and plasticy
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    the movie is going to suck!
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    The Passion of the Christ

    UGH! I cant believe it! This is from 'So the pope didn't really like this flick; his aide has denied earlier reports that the pontiff praised the movie as an accurate rendition of the biblical story. Apparently, the old guy prefers to stay neutral on matters of art. On another note...
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    Kill Bill

    The trailer is here I havent seen the first part, but I want to really bad! It comes out on DVD on April 13. The second part seems good though!
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