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    AHHHH! I had a game today and we lost 9-8 sucky huh! we were so close!
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    Danny's Ladies

    AHHHHH! People need to join
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    Politics Morally compromising situations

    anyone is free to copy of me beacuse they would probably fail anyway! ;)
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    Politics Morally compromising situations

    I find that if something happening that you know about that could change someones life for the worse you should tell. or anything like that beacuse if you do then someone can help the person if you dont then you could be helping throw some ones life away. But hey its your call :D
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    Ever Hitchhiked?

    too scared! i dont have a crave for those type of things
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    Whats your favorite color?

    other: PINK!!!!!!
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    Fav fairytale

    cinderella by the way: IloveVaughn627, we have the same birthday!
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    yearbookstaff, Soccer, Track....and there are others but I dont feel like I like those as much but I there isnt a Key club at my school or I would join
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    oh! you better! :D
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    hello every one! Hey Steph you need to email me back
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    Danny's Ladies

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    Right Handed or Left Handed

    Amabixidous but I use my right more beacuse using my left hurts when my friends and I elbow eachother accidently
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    A..erm...womanly question

    oh! yeah! I <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>HATE</span> pads so I use tampons my mummy was pissed beacuse I didnt tell her until I needed them :D
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    Season 3 they're not showing Alias!

    oh piss! I love being in Utah
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    Worst Pick-Up Lines

    are you tired beacuse you've been racing through my mind
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    Where are you from?

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    Worst Pick-Up Lines

    panguin...I wanted to break the ice
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    Are you...

    same here! :D except I use my right hand more beacuse most of my friends are right handed so when I sit by them and use my left hand the bump into me
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    A Prayer in the rain

    I may update after I go to a church planning meeting
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    Large Chested girls

    I really dont have too big of boobs but they are considerably larger than I like
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