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    The Remake of V

    I was not a fan of the original, but I really like the new one. The special effects were awesome (except the shots of the small transporter, that seemed very Terminator-esque. And not in a good way). The characters are pretty good, I like the way it was set up. It gives you an idea of some of...
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    Worst Sci Fi Movies

    Not ones that are so bad they're good, I am talking movies that make you want to kill yourself they are so bad. Like, if you got through the entire movie, you immediately lit the tape on fire and then fed it to Bigfoot. Give reasons if you like, and please; don't get offended if you like some of...
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    The Call of Cthulhu

    I need a short story to read for school. I am homeschooled, so I get to pick pretty much whatever I want. Is Call of Cthulhu an easy read? And how was it? I think that it looks pretty short and easy, but I'm not sure. So I put my trust in you, Cool Sci Fi!
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    Good '80's Sci Fi Movies?

    Well, it is referenced by Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park and Robot Chicken. It seems like one of those movies that would be fun to reference in alot of situations. I guess there is no harm in seing it, I think I'll get a laugh out of it, if nothing else. Yea, I was thinking about it. I...
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    Any Body Like playing Sci Fi Games?

    I like playing sci fi escape the room games. They are online games where you look around a room (or a house, or a car, or space ship) and pick things up and use them to get out. Good ones are the Core series (Sphere, Cube, Prism, Soul, and Tower; in order), Abducted!, MOTAS, and Submachine...
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    Good '80's Sci Fi Movies?

    Actually, I haven't seen Krull yet. It's on my ever increasing list. Was it not well liked? I just finised 2001. It was one of those movies I could never get through the first 40 minutes of. Tonight was like my tenth try, and I finaly finished it. And is was in. freaking. credible. I have...
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    Good '80's Sci Fi Movies?

    I wan't sure to put this in the actual movie section, because that seems more about newer movies. I want to talk older ones. It is going to be a rainy weekend, so I want to watch a few good sci fi or fantasy movies that either take place in the way off future or in outter space. Are there...
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    The CoolSciFi Collectors Poll

    I used to collect fireworks, but I accidentaly caused my neighbor's carpet to... um... burn. Other than that, movies for sure. I have 200-something, mostly sci fi-dramas, action, and 'other' ;) Oh, and hippie s**t. Like incense and the likes.
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    Sci-Fi Channel: Rip off!

    I almost never watch the Sci Fi channel, but it's New Year's eve, and there is a Twilight Zone marathon on tonight. I'm hyped up on Red Bull and hope to see the entire marathon. You are right, there are a hell of alot of commercials.
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    What did you get for Christmas/other holiday?

    My friend, who I live with more often than I live with my family, got an X-Box 360 also, which is awesome. For me. Because I don't need to buy one. I also got some Fire Works. :D
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    What did you get for Christmas/other holiday?

    I got about 80 movies (all of which were free) which included Plan 9 From Outter Space, The Godfather, The Cell, and a couple of Adult Films that my mom didn't notice. The moives came in huge boz, and she only looked at a few ;)) , a surround souns system, and Seinfeld Scene It?. Oh, and a...
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    Free Paper Models

    :O Let's try this s**t out.
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    Sci-Fi Why Does Sci Fi Have Such A Bad Rep?

    You don't think that sci fi lovers are stereotyped into the 6 foot 2 kid who has glasses and is playing Dungeons and Dragons with their best friend on a Saturday night? I am not saying that is what does happen; I am saying that's what the stereotype is.
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    Sci-Fi Why Does Sci Fi Have Such A Bad Rep?

    What the hell is a non-existant language?
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    X-Men Origins: Magneto

    Re: ‘X-Men Origins: Magneto’ Spin-Off Film On Hold, Says David Goyer That looks as interesting as it does brutal. I am sure that, with the success of XMO: Wolverine, Magneto will come out. I haven't read a comic book in forever....
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    The CoolSciFi Gender Poll

    Holy Sh*t! 25% percent of people here are girls?
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    Day the Earth Stood Still Actor Interviewed

    lol. He sounded PISSED.
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    Free Paper Models

    I would be very happy if I didn't suck at these things... I keep trying and keep failing. Do you have any ridiculously easy ones?
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    Space Zodiacal Light Over New Mexico

    Foreground trees and a nearby what? A NEARBY WHAT? Other than that, it's a beautiful picture. Good job.
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    Your Favourite Kaiju Film (And Your Least Favourite)

    My favourite is Also known as Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, and Rodan teams up with Godzilla to take down King Ghidorah. Yea. By FAR the worst, in my opinion, is Godzilla's Revenge. All the monsters were imagined!! And besides, it was all stock footage! Damn cheap son of a...
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