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    Want to help Destroyer Movies?

    Websites cost money so im setting up this donation box. Everyone who donates will be recognized for it! All the money will be put towards Destroyer movies (soon to be the gaming set). To donate you can punch in your credit card or just pay though paypal! Just click on the font page and follow...
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    Leaked Reach map info

    A french news site put up an article about 3 upcoming Maps for Halo Reach and hey you found it and posted it on his blog: Click here to view blog Thanks to hey you
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    What do you guys think of the new zombie map ascension? I like how theres more objective to the special rounds with the monkeys but there so god damn small its hard to hit them sometimes. The map is quite big so its hard getting from one place to the other... I like how you only can...
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    Facts that Master chief will return in halo 4

    This video is quite convincing. Its worth watching What do you think?
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    XBox Xbox Girls gets revenge

    This video is funny because it has a point and is SO TRUE! I see one mistake...halo 3 game play but halo 2 matchmaking.
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    Video Game Awards Results

    Here are the results of Spike Video Game Awards 2010: GAME OF THE YEAR Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games / Rockstar San Diego) STUDIO OF THE YEAR BioWare BEST XBOX 360 GAME Mass Effect 2 (Electronic Arts / BioWare) BEST PS3 GAME God of War III (Sony Computer Entertainment / SCE...
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    Combat Evolved in HD?

    What do you think about this?
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    Weekly halo reach challenge

    I wanted to see how much i could get in one game and buy the looks of the image below...its allot! i got 3 challenges, 1 commendation and the weekly challenge!
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    Halo Reach ranks

    Here is a list of the entire ranking system! Recruit Private - Awarded at 7,500 cR | Corporal - Awarded at 10,000 cR | Corporal Grade 1 - Awarded at 15,000 cR | Sergeant - Awarded at 20,000 cR | Sergeant Grade 1 - Awarded at 26,250 cR | Sergeant Grade 2 - Awarded at 32,500 cR Warrant...
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    No halo reach for me? No TV for everyone

    Its funny because everyday you can run into kids like this today on xbl.
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    More Achievement for reach

    On the bungie weekly update they where asking us to download halo reach onto our hard drive because reach has been made to work with this this feature well unlike halo 3. When looking close at the picture though i see a small achievement and gamerscore change. Right now we have 49 Achievement...
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    50 Random Facts

    Here are 50 random facts. Some are interesting, Some are funny but some are just dumb as well. 1. The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle. 2. The oldest known goldfish live to be 41. It's name was Fred. 3. On average, 2000 left-handed people die annually due to improper use of...
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    Destroyer Vs Covenant

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    Who is who?

    Copy and paste the list of people below and say what video game character you thin that member is like. Who would be what character and why? (If your on the list only do the others) Tye1111: Garcia: Shachren: Norgasm: SubsonicFire: Speedmeter: Night Warrior B:
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    GSPN Online!

    If you like to be updated with news, previews, Reviews, Cheats and strategy's then check out this brand new gaming news website! Called GSPN ONLINE! Just to advertise it i will be using a new avatar for a while. Sign up and watch it grow!
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    Battle 2

    Witch one would win? Tank: Pro's: Can throw heavy objects like cars Super Strength Quite Fast Con's: Small Weak head No lower body Strength Dumb Hell Knight Pro's: Super Strength...With teeth Can throw Superheated plasma Somewhat intelligent Con's: Slow...
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    Battle 1

    Situation: The 3 Spartans have taken the index and under 343 guilty sparks influence thinks activating the halo is the only way to get rid of the flood and does not care what the chief has to say. Who would win?
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    Want to play halo 1 or 2?

    If you want to play some halo 2 or 1 with me tomorrow (Sunday, august 22nd) then download XBconnect with the link below! Click here to get to page Click one one of the 2 things that are pointed out to download. Ill be playing between 3:00-7:00 PST
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    Black Ops Vs Halo Reach

    Just fight each other on witch one is better! i know a bunch of you are going to go for halo reach but try to go for both sides equally. GO FOR IT!!!! (Start by Telling me all you can that you like and dislike about each game)
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    Halo Reach gets 1 million Pre-orders

    Halo Reach Now has 1 million pre-orders! Here is it compared to some other games now [August 17th] Halo: Reach | 1,071,366 Call of Duty: Black Ops | 318,149 Medal of Honor | 247,715 Fallout: New Vegas | 202,028 Final Fantasy XIV Online |132,912 Fable III | 128,159 Star Wars: The...
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