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    Worst Sci Fi Movies

    Not ones that are so bad they're good, I am talking movies that make you want to kill yourself they are so bad. Like, if you got through the entire movie, you immediately lit the tape on fire and then fed it to Bigfoot. Give reasons if you like, and please; don't get offended if you like some of...
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    The Call of Cthulhu

    I need a short story to read for school. I am homeschooled, so I get to pick pretty much whatever I want. Is Call of Cthulhu an easy read? And how was it? I think that it looks pretty short and easy, but I'm not sure. So I put my trust in you, Cool Sci Fi!
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    Good '80's Sci Fi Movies?

    I wan't sure to put this in the actual movie section, because that seems more about newer movies. I want to talk older ones. It is going to be a rainy weekend, so I want to watch a few good sci fi or fantasy movies that either take place in the way off future or in outter space. Are there...
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    What did you get for Christmas/other holiday?

    I got about 80 movies (all of which were free) which included Plan 9 From Outter Space, The Godfather, The Cell, and a couple of Adult Films that my mom didn't notice. The moives came in huge boz, and she only looked at a few ;)) , a surround souns system, and Seinfeld Scene It?. Oh, and a...
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    Your Favourite Kaiju Film (And Your Least Favourite)

    My favourite is Also known as Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, and Rodan teams up with Godzilla to take down King Ghidorah. Yea. By FAR the worst, in my opinion, is Godzilla's Revenge. All the monsters were imagined!! And besides, it was all stock footage! Damn cheap son of a...
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    Please Tell Me Some Amazing Fantasy Movies

    Not Lord of The Rings series, please! If you can link them, that would be great! I like old, new, neo-fantasy, black and white or color. Just the best ones you can think of.
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    Sci Fi Music?

    Let's hear music that reminds you of sci fi/ Fantasy. I got 30 Seconds to Mars and DragonForce. You?
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    Steampunk Guitar Hero Controller

    Hellz yea, son!
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    Sci-Fi Favorite Type of Sci Fi

    Mine are Steampunk and Space Opera.
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    Do You Believe In Extraterrestrial Life?

    I sure as hell do. What is posibally infinate space with countless stars, most with solar systems and planets. If life can exist on such an insignificant planet such as Earth, it can surely exist elsewhere.
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    Movies that do not involve humans/earthlings at all

    Does anybody know of any? I need a good sci fi, and I can't seem to ever find what I am looking for...
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    My First Steampunk Nerf gun

    I am giving it to my brother for his birthday. How is it, and how can I make it better? I took out the air restrictors inside.
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    How much can I get for...

    a 1977 R2D2 in "ok" condition? And did it come with any accesories, or just the acutal figure?
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    Sci-Fi Why Does Sci Fi Have Such A Bad Rep?

    Why is anyone who likes science fiction a geek? What makes it so socialy rejected?
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    Guess who's autograph I got? One of his daughters goes to school with my cousin. I hope I meet him soon, I go to Rhode Island a few times a month. Kick ***, hua? I also have the autograph of
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    Movies that have big planets, like...

    This. Do you know of any? I want to watch a good sci fi and this is the place to come to.
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    Independent Sci Fis, short sci fi movies, etc.

    Please post them here!
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    Planet of the Apes 2: Beneth the Planet of the Apes

    What other movies are like this, by this I men sort of medievil and battels for religion and such. Ignoring it is about apes, I mean...
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    No, I did not come up with this myself. Rate the signature of the user above you and tell them how kick A$$ IT IS!
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    I want to get a Star Wars Concept figure, but WHICH ONE???

    I have narrowed it down to all of them. ^Probabally not.... Ok, I was kidding with that last one.... I am leaning twards the droids, or the Stormtrooper any suggestions?
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